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BS, Auburn University


Franklin Roberts, BS joined the Neurology Department as a Clinical Research Services Professional in March 2022. He is working in the Behavioral Division of Neurology under Dr. Brianne Bettcher. He graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Biomedical Science with a minor in Business. At Auburn, he was involved in Thermology research, which included a case study on acral tissue response to varying temperature environments. Franklin presented his work at the Auburn Student Research Symposium and the European Thermology Conference in 2018. Prior to his current position with the CUACC, he worked as a Clinical Assistant and Clinical Liaison in medical offices in Alabama and Colorado. He is excited to get back into the field of research and learn more about the investigative process. In his spare time, Franklin enjoys outdoor activities such as road or mountain biking, climbing, snowboarding, camping, and spending time with his Labrador retriever, Mojo. 

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