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BA, Boston University


Breanna Dooling is a graduate student in the Human Medical Genetics and Genomics program a CU Anschutz. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a specialization in Cellular, Molecular, and Genetic Biology from Boston University in 2020. She recently joined Dr. Potter’s laboratory where she plans to pursue studies related to:

  • The development and characterization of cerebral organoids derived from APOE4 carriers to assess Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome pathologies and gain an increased understanding of the underlying pathological mechanisms associated with different APOE genotypes. 
  • The use of a cerebral organoid model system to investigate the role(s) of cholesterol in Alzheimer’s disease pathology in the context of different APOE genotypes.
  • Studying links between sleep deprivation and Alzheimer’s disease in the context of APOE genotype. I will compare inflammatory biomarker profiles in plasma from individuals with Alzheimer’s disease who are APOE4 carriers or non-carriers. I will then test whether sleep deprivation leads to a shift in the inflammatory biomarker profiles of these individuals and the potential role of APOE genotype.
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