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Urology Residency Training Program

The Residency Training Program within the Division of Urology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine is an fully-accredited ACGME five-year program with a resident complement of three (3) residents per year. It is directed by Dr. Granville Lloyd and associate directed by Dr. Dan Wood. Drs. Lloyd and Wood have a combined experience of over 40 years in Urology practice and education.

The educational philosophy of the program is to provide the best possible resident training in urology, maximizing both wellness and a deep exposure to the clinical, scientific and technical aspects of urology to ensure access to the career of one’s choice. To achieve this, the goals for urology resident training are:

  • To provide excellent volume and variety of surgical experience in general urology and the various urologic subspecialties. This includes urologic oncology, female urology, neurourology, pediatric urology, infertility and impotence, endourology and stone disease, and genitourinary trauma. Both robotic and open approaches are emphasized. 
  • To provide adequate ambulatory experience (outpatient clinical experience) in general urology and various urologic subspecialties as listed above.
  • To provide educational and research conferences to further enhance the training experience. These conferences will cover the basic sciences as they relate to urologic physiology and pathology, urologic imaging, combined morbidity and mortality conferences for all participating institutions, urological pathology, journal reviews, and other subjects having educational value in the basic and clinical domains of urology.

In order to meet the above listed goals of the Urology residency training program, it is necessary to have the residents rotate through a number of institutions. Each institution is unique and essential in providing the necessary volume and variety of cases for optimal resident training. All the participating institutions are within close proximity, allowing for resident interaction and combined conference participation at least two (2) times per week.

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Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

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CU School of Medicine

Diversity and Inclusion

The MARC: Minority & Allied Resident Council

We are a community of residents and fellows from CU Anschutz, Denver Health and affiliated campuses. Our main goal is to support minority residents and foster allyship through the ups and downs of training.

  • Opportunities to receive mentorship from minority physicians within CU Anschutz and in the community
  • Collaboration and outreach with CU School of Medicine student and faculty diversity groups

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Other Resources: Diversity in Denver

Diversity Matters Flyer

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