Resident Activities

Residents enjoy the abundant outdoor activities available in Colorado. Besides the activities that they participate in on their free time, the program also organizes annual departmental outings including golfing, skiing and mountain climbing.

The Surgical Mountain Ascent Series Hike (a.k.a. SMASH) is an annual expedition that is sponsored by the CUSOM Department of Surgery. Division members have organized and participated in such mountain hikes since 1998.

Residents 11-2018
Movember 2018
Resident Ski Day - Feburary 2018 Scrubs to skis Camping
Resident Ski Day - Feburary 2018
Faculty and Resident - Ski Day 2019
Residents skiing Hiking
Rock climbing
14er 3
Hiking Mt. Evans - 14,271-foot fourteener SMASH 2019
14er 4

SMASH 2019

This is an annual expedition with the Department of Surgery where we hike a "14er" (14,000 ft peak). 


14,271-foot peak

14er 5