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CU Urology Residents enjoy not only the community afforded by their fellow trainees, but also by the incredible city of Denver and beyond. Use the links to the left to explore both!

Fellow Residents

The most important part of your community during residency are those you'll spend all day with: your fellow residents. They'll be your closest friends and greatest allies during your training, so take a moment to get to know the current members of CU Urology's Residency program!

Chief Residents

Every year, the fifth-year residents (PGY-5s) are named Chief Residents, becoming leaders among the resident community. Our three current Chief Residents are listed below.

All Current Residents

Aside from the Chief Residents, interns join a team of 12 other residents they'll walk alongside during training. Click the button below to read about the rest of our resident team!

Resident Ski Day

Every year, urology residents and their advisors take a day to trek up into the Colorado mountains and enjoy the snow. If the weather is good enough, some will even wear their scrubs out on the mountain!

Urology Resident Ski Day
Residents Skiing
Residents Skiing

The Surgical Mountain Ascent Series

The Surgical Mountain Ascent Series Hike (SMASH) is an annual expedition that is sponsored by the CU School of Medicine Department of Surgery. Division members have organized and participated in the SMASH since 1998; check out photos of some of the earliest SMASHes below.

Rock climbing

More Photos

Resident Graduation 2024

Our graduating Chiefs (center) celebrate the end of their training alongside fellow residents.

Welcome to Beautiful Denver!

One of the things CU's Urology residency has to offer is access to one of the most bustling and thrilling cities in America—not to mention being just minutes away from the skiing, hiking, and biking of the Rocky Mountains.

Use the tabs on the left to navigate through everything the city has to offer.

Rocky Mountains over Denver


Are you a fan of rock? EDM? Country? Whatever your chosen flavor, Denver has something for you.

Red Rocks Amphitheater (pictured) hosts concerts all summer with all kinds of artists. Nestled among the mountains, it's one of the most sought-after venues by artists and fans alike. It's hosted historic acts like The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix, and John Denver; more recently it's seen performances by Paramore, Cage the Elephant, Zac Brown Band, and more.

For fans of smaller acts, venues like Bluebird Theater and Summit get you up close and personal with the artists.

Into EDM or dance pop? Clubs in Denver like The Church and Milk offer extensive dance floors, good vibes, and DJs big and small.

And last but not least, for fans of country, the historic Grizzly Rose is nestled in North Denver. The country line dancing bar and venue brings in massive names in country like Diamond Rio and Jerrod Niemann while keeping a line- and swing-dancing floor alive.


Rocky Mountain National Park, lake surrounded by mountains and pine trees

Gateway to the Rockies

For most people, their first thought of Denver is the incredible Rocky Mountains that lie just beyond the city. Check out what those beauties have to offer!

Most notably, Colorado is home to well over five thousand miles of hiking trails. From flat loops around Denver's many lakes and reservoirs to backpacking treks through national parks, every level of hiker has something for them! Rocky Mountain National Park is just an hour outside the city, offering incredible hikes and views like the one pictured at left.

Mountain bikers and road bikers alike will find just what they're looking for here. If you thought the amount of hiking trails in Colorado were impressive, just wait until you start seeking out mountain biking trails—and have over 12,000 miles to choose from.

For road bikers, Denver is home to dozens of races, charity rides, and biking groups to choose from. If you're curious about what some of those look like, check out the Courage Classic, Ride the Rockies, and Denver Century Ride.

There are 28 ski resorts in Colorado, mostly split between two groups: Ikon and Epic. For avid riders, pick up an annual pass for near-unlimited skiing across the pass's included resorts. For new riders or once-in-a-whilers, you can snag a day pass to resorts near and far. Parks, groomers, rails, catwalks, trails, boxes, mogul runs, bowls, ramps, and everything in between—you'll find it here.

Another of Colorado's best-known outdoor attractions is fly fishing, another great way to spend a day outside. There are guided tours available, as well as fly shops around every corner. Spend a lazy day drifting down the river, or lock in to catch a Colorado Grand Slam (Brook trout, Rainbow trout, Brown trout and Greenback Cutthroat trout).

And anything you can imagine!
Climbing, rafting, kayaking, hunting... the list goes on. If it's outdoors, it's in Colorado.

For the Foodies

And if it's not music or the outdoors that grabs your attention, we've never met anyone who can turn down a perfect meal. Denver is home to Michelin-star restaurants, greasy spoons, fine French dining, and holes-in-the-wall. Your next favorite haunt is waiting for you!

Denver is home to marketplaces like Stanley Marketplace and Denver Central Market, as well as chic food halls like Junction Food & Drink and Avanti Food and Beverage.

We're also flush with international cuisine from places like Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Argentina, as well as the perennial favorite Mexican and Chinese haunts.

Downtown hosts 16th St. Mall, lined with both unique spots and beloved chains alike; those willing to venture north to Boulder will find the same on Pearl Street Mall, also known for its amazing dining.

But we couldn't put it better than this Eater Denver article; check them out for a full guide to every meal in Denver!


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