Overview: Access to patient specimens and patient-derived pre-clinical models are critical for translational research. The Melanoma Biorepository has been collecting patient samples and developing melanoma models for over a decade, including specimens and models for rare melanomas. Not only do we have specimens, but we also have highly detailed clinical data for all of our patients. Our biorepository currently has the following types of samples and models available for research studies:

  • Tumors- Frozen, FFPE
  • Tumor gDNA
  • Patient blood gDNA
  • Patient serum
  • Patient-derived xenograft models (Viable, frozen, FFPE)
  • Patient-derived cell lines

Requesting Samples: Our Melanoma Biorepository shares samples and models with researchers world-wide. Submitted Study Use agreements, containing information on the scientific rationale and samples being requested, are reviewed by our Melanoma Scientific Advisory Committee. If approved, samples and clinical information will be sent by the Biorepostiory Manager. To request samples, please download, complete, and return the Study Use Agreement to Kylie Michel.

Biorepository Study Use Share Agreement


Kylie Michel

Biorepository Manager


Phone: (303) 724-1473

Center for Rare Melanomas

CU Anschutz

Anschutz Cancer Pavilion

1665 North Aurora Court

3rd Floor

Aurora, CO 80045

Clinic: 720-848-0505 Laboratory: 303-724-1473

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