Meet the core clinical and research staff for the Center for Rare Melanomas:

Clinical Staff

Cutaneous Oncology Nurses:

Ashley Tullio, RN
Clinic Nurse

Nicole Giles, RN
Clinic Nurse

Keishlamarie Pluguez, RN, BSN
Nurse Navigator


Research Staff

Medical Oncology:

Kylie Michel
Senior PRA
Biorepository Manager

Stacey Bagby, BA, CVT
Senior PRA
Veterinary Technician

Tugy Chimed, Msc
Senior PRA
Histology Specialist

Morgan MacBeth, BS 
Senior PRA
Lead Research Assistant

Phaedra Whitty
Research Assistant

Center for Rare Melanomas

CU Anschutz

Anschutz Cancer Pavilion

1665 North Aurora Court

3rd Floor

Aurora, CO 80045

Clinic: 720-848-0505 Laboratory: 303-724-1473

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