Mental Health Support

Parents indicated that they needed support while in the NICU and after returning home with their infant. Here are some resources for both peer-led and psychologist-led support.

    Peer Support

    If you believe that parents would benefit from connecting with other mothers, dads, or parenting partners currently going through their NICU experience, or who have gone through it in the past, click the links below to be directed to resources including virtual peer support groups and Facebook groups.   

    Postpartum Support International: peer-to-peer support group model

    Love for Lily: click this link to see a list of facilitated support groups, such as Lasting Love and post-NICU group which teach coping skills and provide community to support families in the Neonatal ICU

    Hand to Hold: connects parents in the NICU with 1:1 peer mentors, striving to find similar experiences

    Parent 2 Parent Colorado: non NICU-specific, peer mentoring, listserv, weekly virtual parent support groups

    Children's Hospital Colorado Parent 2 Parent: Vent Care Program: peer mentoring organization within Children's Hospital Colorado, specifically for parents of children on ventilators. 

    Psychologist-led Support

    The Connections Program for High-Risk Infants and Families offers psychologist-led therapy groups as well as individual therapy.

    1. To get in touch with our team, call 303-724-1646
    2. Our Care Coordinator will discuss your needs and schedule you for an intake appointment with one of our licensed psychologists
    3. You will be connected with a psychologist for therapy, either in a group or individual setting

    Click here for more information about our psychologist-led therapy groups. 

    Does the parent seem overwhelmed? 

    Many NICU parents struggle with feelings of tension or unease. Meditation can help, and we have created meditation scripts that parents can use to stay grounded when things get overwhelming in the NICU. These guided meditations promote mindfulness and teach 3 useful skills:

    These meditations will teach the parent 3 useful skills:

    • Box breathing: pace your breathing by pausing after each inhale and exhale, partnered with long, slow breaths
    • Guided imagery: imagine a safe and relaxing place you can hold in your mind 
    • Progressive muscle relaxation: slowly relax each muscle group by focusing on it

    Additional Resources

    Newborn Hope Foundation NICU Resource Connection

    NPA/NNNP NICU Discharge Guide

    Hand to Hold: Nonprofit organization connecting parents in the NICU with peer mentors. 

    Parent 2 Parent Colorado: Peer mentoring, listserv, virtual parent support groups. 

    Children's Hospital Colorado Parent 2 Parent Vent Care Program: peer mentoring specific to CHCO children on ventilators.

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