Medical Education 

Clinician/Educator Pathway

Our pathway aims to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for residents to become excellent clinician educators. The pathway is broken into three parts: 1) During the intern year, we focus on basic teaching skills. 2) During the PGY2 year, we focus on becoming an excellent resident teacher. 3) During the PGY3 year, we focus on skills for becoming a great career clinician educator. Through our pathway, residents receive didactic lectures, workshops, and hands-on practice to improve their teaching skills. We invite the best educators across all residency sites to lecture, share tips of the trade and provide meaningful mentorship opportunities. Some of our sessions include:

  • Development and Delivery of an Effective Chalk Talk
  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • Identifying and Coaching a Struggling Learner
  • Large Lecture Skills
  • Curricular Development
  • Careers as a Clinician Educator
  • Teaching at the Bedside
  • Competency-Based Assessment
  • Teaching Procedures

Our Clinician/Educator Pathway is led by Caitlin Dietsche, MD