Global health

Global Health

Global Health Pathway

The goal of the Global Health Pathway is to train residents to identify and address the impact of economic, societal, cultural and environmental factors on health, as well as to train future leaders in global health through scholarship, clinical practice, and community engagement. The pathway emphasizes longitudinal learning, as well as a sustained presence in the community and abroad. 

The didactic component of this training program includes sessions via the Wednesday Education Sessions (WES) and an on-site global health learning experience. The curriculum includes case-based lectures on common diseases encountered while abroad, POCUS sessions, and training in ethical, social, and cultural challenges. Residents who are part of the pathway have the opportunity to spend rotations abroad at one of the main GHP sites includes Zimbabwe, Guatemala, India, Philippines, and Nepal. Some of our sessions include:

  • What is Global Health?
  • Case-based review series: Diagnosis and Treatment of TB in resource-limited settings 
  • Case-based review series: Diagnostic and Treatment of Malaria
  • Ethical Challenges in Global Health
  • Social Determinants of Health: The Power of One
  • Developing US Skills Workshop: Pleural US: Is it TB, PNA, or effusion?
  • Developing US Skills Workshop: The basics of Cardiac US
  • Interesting X-rays
  • Careers in Global Health
  • Tele-medicine in Global Health

Global Health Pathway Program Lead - WES Sessions: Reem Hanna (