Michael McRae

Michael McRae MD

Primary Care Physician

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to do the Diabetes Fellowship at the University of Colorado. It really had all that I was looking for. The fellowship allowed me to become very confident in managing all types of diabetes from the perspective of several settings: community health, VA, University and the Barbara Davis Center. The faculty were all very invested and amazing at tailoring the program according to my needs and desires. I was able to also work in the neuropathy, lipid, pregnancy, optometry, podiatry and other clinics that allowed me to strengthen my skills in different areas.

I can't imagine a place where I could have received more hands on training with CGM and insulin pump technology than here. I can't thank the staff enough for making this fellowship happen. Currently I work in a family practice group where I split my time seeing patients as their primary care provider and others for diabetes consults.

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