For nearly two decades, this annual symposium has brought together health care providers – physicians, nurses, medical students, specialists and more – to enhance their understanding of women’s health and sex and gender differences and strengthen the care they provide.

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Past Topics


Management of Mental Health during the Perinatal Period (for non-psychiatrists) - M. Camille Hoffman, MD, MSCS, FACOG

Managing Mental Health and Substance Abuse Needs in Primary Care with Limited Time and Resources - Shandra Brown-Levey, PhD and Amy Huebschmann, MD

Treatment Considerations in Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease: Does Sex Matter? - Robert Page, PhD

Going Beyond the Cardiovascular Disease Risk Calculator: The Role of Non-Invasive Imaging and Non-Traditional Labs - Irene Schauer, MD, PhD

New Physical Activity Guidelines: What do they Mean and How to Inform Your Patients - Judy Regensteiner, PhD


Are your Counseling Approaches Evidence-Based? Contrasting Effective and Ineffective Lifestyle Counseling Strategies for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes -  Amy Huebschmann, MD, MS

Go Further with Food: How to Enhance your Practice and Improve Patient Outcomes by Providing Nutrition Guidance that is Reliable, Relevant, and Realistic - Tanya Halliday, PhD, RD

Nutrition in Pregnancy - Teri Hernandez, PhD, RN

An Update on Postmenopausal Osteoporosis - Christine Swanson, MD

Primary Palliative Care and Women’s Health - Dan Matlock, MD, MPH

Leveraging Telepsychiatry in Primary Care and Other Settings to Support Women’s Mental Health and Wellness​ - Jay Shore, MD