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At the Ludeman Center, we envision a future dedicated to research that includes women and accounts for sex and gender differences, shaping better healthcare for all. As the national conversation regarding the limited research on women began to emerge, Judy Regensteiner, PhD, JoAnn Lindenfeld, MD, and Lorna Moore, PhD, opened the doors to the center in 2004 to change the future of women's health through research. 

Over the last 20 years, the Ludeman Center has provided funding for more inclusive research that is making a significant difference in the health of women. Our scholars' exemplary work encourages researchers at the renowned University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus to make sex differences part of all research.



Driven by Science

We are dedicated to supporting early-career researchers and their fields of interest within women’s health research. Our scientists’ evidence-based research is advancing how a diverse population of patients is being treated, including through technological discoveries addressing how to identify and treat heart failure in women as well as preventing obesity and treating diabetes in adolescent girls.

With an unwavering commitment to community involvement, the Ludeman Center’s events and training are helping women and their healthcare providers make more informed decisions.

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