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Due to travel and event restrictions, we have decided to reschedule the 2020 National Conference on Women's Health and Sex Differences Research. We are looking forward to gathering in person August 25-27, 2021.

The Center for Women's Health Research National Conference on Women's Health and Sex Differences Research brings together scientists and thought leaders from around the world to share emerging and cutting-edge findings on the connection between metabolism and sex differences across the lifespan. 

Held in Colorado every other year, this conference strengthens and advances the national research agenda on women's health and sex differences. The 3-day meeting offers unparalleled opportunities for senior investigators and young scientists alike to learn about current research, make strategic connections, and contribute to discovery and innovation in women's health and sex differences research. In addition to the scientific sessions, the conference also features a special community session where expert scientists translate their research to the public, helping our community learn about the real world implications of issues affecting women's health.

The Center is pleased to host the 3rd biennial National Conference on Women's Health and Sex Differences Research from August 25-27, 2021 at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This conference will feature:

  • Six scientific sessions with four speakers each
    • The Placental-Fetal Connection: Programming Adult Metabolic Health
    • Sex Differences in Cardiovascular Disease - Implications for Women and Policy
    • Sex Differences in Brain, Obesity and Metabolic Dysregulation across the Lifespan
    • Sex-omics: A Systems Approach to the Methods of Studying Sex and Gender Differences
    • To E or Not to E: Metabolic Actions of Estrogens
    • Female Sex as an Endocrine Disrupter in Diabetes


  • Scientific keynote and moderated scientific panel

  • Judged poster session

  • Networking dinners

  • Breakthrough science data blitzes by junior faculty


Early bird pricing through June 1, 2021!