The University of Colorado has been at the vanguard of transplant research and care since the 1950s.

It is here that the world's first liver transplant took place! Our research is supported by the University of Colorado Department of Surgery and the Colorado Center for Transplant Care, Research and Education (CCTCARE)

The Colorado Center for Transplant Care Research and Education supports numerous research initiatives, including funding laboratories to further our knowledge and understanding of the transplant world.

We have two pioneering labs: The Coagulation Lab and the Immunology Lab.

The Coagulation Lab headed by Dr. Moore is funded by the  NIH and CCTCARE. The lab focuses on the coagulation system and how it can impair or heal organs after injury. 

Learn more about the Coagulation Lab here.

The Transplant Immunology Lab is headed by Dr. Christene Huang who works with the  Plastic and Reconstructive and Transplant divisions within the Department of Surgery.

The Huang laboratory studies transplantation immunology, focusing on developing clinically relevant protocols for establishing transplantation tolerance. Dr. Huang's research involves using basic immunologic approaches to develop clinically relevant strategies for regulating inflammation, overcoming transplant rejection, and improving tumor immunotherapy.

Learn more about the Transplant Immunology Lab here