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The CU Transplant Policies and Outcomes Collaborative focuses on fostering a collaborative environment where we improve the quality, safety, efficacy, equity, and implementation of transplant medicine using clinical and research-driven data.

We are supported by the Colorado Center for Transplantation Care, Research, and Education (CCTCARE), a unique multidisciplinary center that aims to be at the forefront of transplant innovation.

Our vision and mission for the Transplant Outcomes and Policy lab are: 

"The mission of our team is to investigate scientific aims addressing clinical outcomes and healthcare policy in the field of transplantation. We invite collaborations from clinical investigators, translational scientists, healthcare policy researchers, and epidemiologists. Our goal is to utilize research methods and data to address important questions in the field of transplantation to improve quality of life for patients with end-organ disease and recipients of liver, kidney, heart, and lung transplants."

Jesse Schold, Ph.D.

Here's a list of some of our latest published research:

1: Noreen SM, Patzer RE, Mohan S, Schold JD, Lyden GR, Miller J, Verbeke S,Stewart D, Fritz AR, McBride M, Snyder JJ. Augmenting the U.S. Transplant Registry with External Mortality Data: A Moving Target Ripe for FurtherImprovement. Am Transplant. 2023 Sep 11.

2: Yu M, King KL, Husain SA, Huml AM, Patzer RE, Schold JD, Mohan S. Discrepant Outcomes between National Kidney Transplant Data Registries in the United States. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2023 Aug 3.

3: Schold JD, Huml AM, Husain SA, Mohan S. Why the National Academies Got it Wrong about Changing Preemptive Listing Priority for Kidney Transplantation. JAm Soc Nephrol. 2023 Aug 3.      

4: Saben JL, Kaplan B, Burton JR Jr, Cooper JE, Pomposelli JJ, Schold JD, Pomfret EA. Highlights From Controversies in Transplantation 2023 Conference.Transplantation 2023 Jun 14.

5: King KL, Husain SA, Yu M, Adler JT, Schold J, Mohan S. Characterization of Transplant Center Decisions to Allocate Kidneys to Candidates With Lower Waiting List Priority. JAMA Netw Open. 2023 Jun 1.

6: Davis RA, Branagan T, Schneck CD, Schold JD, Thant T, Kaplan B. Lithium and the living kidney donor: Science or stigma? Am J Transplant. 2023 May.

7: Malamon JS, Kaplan B, Jackson WE, Saben JL, Schold JD, Pomfret EA, Pomposelli JJ. Reassessing the survival benefit of deceased donor liver transplantation -retrospective cohort study. Int J Surg. 2023 May 23.

8: Matas AJ, Montgomery RA, Schold JD. The Organ Shortage Continues to Be a Crisis for Patients With End-stage Kidney Disease. JAMA Surg. 2023 May 24.

9: Lehr CJ, Schold JD, Arrigain S, Valapour M. New OPTN/UNOS Data Demonstrates Higher than Previously Reported Waitlist Mortality for Lung Transplant Candidates Supported with ECMO. J Heart Lung Transplant. 2023 May.

10: Schold JD, Hoffman J, Cleveland J. Developing a System for Best Performance for Cardiac Transplantation. JACC Heart Fail. 2023 May 11.

11: Schold JD. The promise and reality of machine-learning models in kidney transplantation. Kidney Int. 2023 May.

12: Schold JD, Turgeon NA. Erratum to 'Words matter: adding rigor to our definition of waiting time. Am J Transplant. 2023 Mar.

13: Schold JD, Huml AM, Husain SA, Poggio ED, Buchalter RB, Lopez R, Kaplan B, Mohan S. Deceased donor kidneys from higher distressed communities are significantly less likely to be utilized for transplantation. Am J Transplant. 2023 Mar 29.

14: King KL, Yu M, Husain SA, Patzer RE, Sandra V, Reese PP, Schold JD, Mohan S. Contribution of Estimates of Glomerular Filtration to the Extensive Disparities in Preemptive Listing for Kidney Transplant. Kidney Int Rep. 2022 Dec 30.

15: Stites E, Cooper JE, Schold JD. Untangling the Clinical and Methodological Assessment of Risks Associated With BK Nephropathy. Kidney Int Rep. 2023 Jan 28.

16: Sawinski D, Lai JC, Pinney S, Gray AL, Jackson AM, Stewart D, Levine DJ, Locke JE, Pomposelli JJ, Hartwig MG, Hall SA, Dadhania DM, Cogswell R, Perez RV, Schold JD, Turgeon NA, Kobashigawa J, Kukreja J, Magee JC, Friedewald J, Gill JS, Loor G, Heimbach JK, Verna EC, Walsh MN, Terrault N, Testa G, Diamond JM, Reese PP, Brown K, Orloff S, Farr MA, Olthoff KM, Siegler M, Ascher N, Feng S, Kaplan B, Pomfret E. Addressing sex-based disparities in solid organ transplantation in the United States - a conference report. Am J Transplant. 2023 Mar 23.

17: Malamon JS, Jackson WE, Saben JL, Conzen K, Schold JD, Pomposelli JJ, Pomfret EA, Kaplan B. A model for calculating the long-term estimated post-transplant survival of deceased donor liver transplant patients. EBioMedicine. 2023 Apr.

18: Fadel R, Taliercio JJ, Daou R, Layoun H, Bassil E, Fawaz A, Arrigain S, Schold JD, Simon JF, Mehdi A, Nakhoul G. Urine Sediment Examination: Comparison between Laboratory-performed vs. Nephrologist-performed Microscopy and Accuracy in Predicting Pathologic Diagnosis in Patients with AKI. Kidney360. 2023 Feb 14.

19: Schold JD, Turgeon NA. Words matter: adding rigor to our definition of waiting time. Am J Transplant. 2023 Feb;23(2):163-164. Erratum in: Am J Transplant. 2023 Mar 29.

20: Formica RN Jr, Schold JD. The Unintended Consequences of Changes to the Organ Allocation Policy. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2023 Jan 1.

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