Translational Research

We have numerous Translational Projects underway. Some of our ongoing projects are:


  • CD3 Immunotoxin Research:

The CD3 Immunotoxcin Research is a path-breaking project using CD3 Immunotoxin, which has never been used before in transplantation. This Immunotoxin paralyzes the immune system instead of destroying the immune system like current organ suppression. Dr. Kaplan, Dr. Huang, and their teams were at the forefront of this pioneering discovery. We have support from both government and industry to utilize the CD3 Immunotoxin to study if it provides a safer form of induction therapy for kidney transplant patients. 


  • Dr. Bruce Kaplan’s Research with Genome Canada

Dr. Kaplan has been researching with Genome Canada to better understand how pharmacologic intervention changes the transcription signals. This research has been an international effort to help advance the science of Genomics in Transplant patients.


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