Interview Process

The Interview

Our virtual interviews will be conducted entirely through Zoom. Please be sure to log on at least 10 minutes before your start time.

All interviewers and candidates will be assigned to Zoom breakout rooms by the Program Coordinator. Over the course of the day, the Program Coordinator will move candidates and interviewers between the main Zoom call and the appropriate breakout room. Please see your individualized agenda for information on who you will be interviewing with for the day. We will start with a brief welcome session, followed by a rotation of interviews with faculty members, our Department Chair, current residents, and representatives from our dosimetry team. The day will end with a group exit interview with the Program Director.

We encourage you to use a camera and to call in from a private, quiet space. However, we understand that this may not be possible, especially given the circumstances created by the ongoing pandemic. Our program remains committed to equal opportunity practices, even in the virtual environment. Technical issues and limitations will not influence our ranking decisions. We have also provided university-made Zoom backgrounds to use at your discretion.

We encourage you to use one of our Zoom backgrounds to help standardize the interview experience. These can be located here.

At the end of our two interview days, our team will meet to immediately rank candidates and submit the results to the Match.

To maintain a secure and ethical interview process, our program does not participate in post-interview communication. While you are more than free to reach out with any further questions, it will not factor into our ranking decisions. Moreover, we will not reach out until the day of the Match. Should you have questions during this time frame, we encourage you to direct them to our Program Coordinator, who acts as a neutral party and can answer your queries as needed.

Should you have any questions about the interview process, we encourage you to contact our Program Coordinator.

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