Activities You Can Do With Your Baby

All About Me (for infants 2+ weeks old)

Thinking through your baby’s personality and individuality can help increase your attachment and be a positive activity not related to medical care. We created this sheet for you to be able to teach others about your baby. While your baby’s medical team certainly knows them well, as parents you have special and important knowledge about your baby.

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Setting Routines (for infants 24+ weeks off)

Babies can learn patterns and routines over time. This can be a good way to teach them about their world. Having a regular routine can help babies feel safe and know what to expect. When you have a routine for reading, talking, or singing with your baby, they get to hear more words, which is important for their development. Your baby's care team already have times for taking care of them, but you can make your own special routine too.

  • Sing a song or read a short book: doing this before and after a planned care activity can help your baby feel more calm, because they recognize your voice and it comforts them
  • Goodnight or goodbye routine: some families make a special way to say "goodnight" or "goodbye" before they leave the NICU, to finish spending time together. This can help parents feel less nervous or worried about leaving their baby for the day

What do you notice about how you feel when you are singing or reading to your baby?

What do you notice about your baby when you are singing or reading to them?

How might you use these routines when you leave the NICU?

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