Douglas Taren, PhD

Professor of Pediatrics, Section of Nutrition

​12631 East 17th Avenue, Mail Stop F561Douglas Taren
Academic Office 1, RM 2608
Aurora, Colorado 80045

Work Phone: 303-724-9634

Curriculum Vita


Bachelor of Science, University of Arizona.  Major:  Microbiology; Minor: Math/Chemistry

Master of Science, University of Arizona. Major: Nutritional Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy, Cornell University.  Major:  International Nutrition.  Minors:  Rural/Developmental Sociology and Parasitology

Research Interests:

I am interested in domestic and global food security issues, local food systems, clinical and public health approaches to child weight management, the evaluation of humanitarian food aid programs, and dietary interventions.  My recent projects have included evaluating the impact of solar market gardens for small landowners that use solar-powered drip irrigation on health outcomes, the interaction between food safety and nutrition and how food systems impact the development of risk factors for type 2 diabetes in children.

Current Projects Include:

Nutrition and acanthosis nigricans over a two-year period in young children of the Pacific Region, the Children’s Healthy Living Program, University of Hawaii

Ecosystem Services: An Analysis of Natures Framework to Scale Food Systems Resilience. Arizona institute for Resiliency.

Evaluation of Family Health Centers of San Diego’s Long COVID and Fatiguing Illness Recovery Program, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Advance Nursing Education, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. Health Resources and Services Administration


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