For New Patients

  • Records from Referring Physician (To be faxed at 720-848-5079 with a request for consultation):
    • Formal neuropsychological report.
      • For more information on Neuropsychology/Neurocognitive exams, please click HERE
    • Neurology records from the past year.
    • Ophthalmology or optometry records from the past year, including tests such as visual fields and optical coherence tomography (OCT). For any images such as fundus photography or fluorescein angiograms, your eye care provider should copy images to a CD for you to bring to the appointment. Important - since these are images, they cannot be faxed.
    • All brain imaging, including MRI, CT, PET, or SPECT. Bring a CD of your brain imaging and the report to your appointment. In addition, please request from the imaging center where you had the study performed (NOT a doctor's office) and ask that your images be pushed electronically to UCHealth PowerShare system. If they cannot push images electronically, a CD can be requested.
    • Blood work that has been ordered and completed by the physicians who have evaluated your symptoms.
    • Spinal fluid test results (if you have had a spinal tap).

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