Brain Donation

One of the most precious gifts a person can make is a brain tissue gift to the research community. What is a brain tissue gift? This is the gift of your brain to the University of Colorado School of Medicine’s Colorado PCA BioBank & Registry research program after your death. The Colorado PCA BioBank & Registry is now active and will allow researchers from all over the country to better understand what the risks are, the causes, and what we might be missing in posterior cortical atrophy. By making this donation, you are making a great gift to understanding posterior cortical atrophy.

While this is difficult to speak about during your life, making your wishes known to loved ones often removes the burden on them to make decisions for you at the time of your death. We all have something precious to give and whether that is time, money, or the gift of organ donation, we at the University of Colorado School of Medicine will honor and respect your wishes in the best manner possible. Giving back will get us one step closer to understanding and, ultimately, treating a disease that is extremely daunting in life but also shows us what makes us human: compassion, love, and generosity.

Please click Declaration of Wishes for Brain Autopsy to print the form that we use when a person wishes to donate their brain to the University of Colorado Neurology BioBank for Research. Print, fill out, and mail it to:

Jerri Lusk
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Department of Neurology

12631 E. 17th Ave., Room 5113A
Academic Office 1 - Mailstop B-185
Aurora, CO  80045

As always, we are here to walk with you on this journey through the many valleys and the many mountain tops.

Click HERE for more information on autopsies at the University of Colorado Pathology Department (accessed website on Dec 29, 2021)
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