Thank You For Your Donations

Linda S. MunillaJohn & Joanne Hare
Lauren MunillaGuin & Ronald Lyster
Janella RosenthalLucy & Anthony Turrisi
An Award-Winning New Mexican Filmmaker - Carol HawkinsKurt & Melissa Ronacher
Jessica FishKimberly Best
Jaime & Rose PabonRoberta Schain
Michelle LutzDorothy & Dwight 
Jill & Theodore NelsonSusan Bardwell & Frank Scalise
Dudley A. Eppel, Jr.Michelle Doe
Andy Weinheimer & Sue EylerRobert Yetz
Colleen PeaceMichael & Martha Montano
Barbara & Lee MendelKenneth Tiffany
Edwin BaxterThomas & Joy White
Susan & John QuinlanVictoria Pelak, MD
Ronald ConleyJanet Schoff & Richard Nailling
John & Nicole PunisSusan Quinlan
Rudy & Jamelyn PayanRobert Marsteller
 Deb Beiber 

The Brain and Vision Fund wishes to thank our generous donors! The funds have helped support student researchers and research presentations on Posterior Cortical Atrophy at National and International Conferences. Donations also made it possible to hire two summer interns in 2019, Stephanie Serva & Vishal Krishnan. We had a delay in our hiring of summer interns due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. In March 2022 we were successful in hiring Asher Mahmood, who relocated to Colorado from Michigan to assist Dr. Pelak in ongoing and new research opportunities. Thank you for making a difference for people with PCA.

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