Follow-up Appointments

Follow-up visits: Expect to spend approximately 10-15 minutes with the technician and/or resident and then an additional 15 minutes with Dr. Pelak. If you have tests on the same day, that can add one more hour to your visit.

Keep in mind three key issues related to your vision and cognition that you would like to discuss and you can list them and bring them with you to your appointment. If time does not allow full discussion, we can schedule another follow-up.

Bring copies of any vision tests or imaging studies (i.e., MRI) or blood tests  that you had that were NOT performed at the University of Colorado clinics and have not been reviewed by Dr. Pelak. Not bringing these results can result in having to reschedule an appointment when you can bring records with you.

If you have any forms to be filled out please send them before the appointment to Collette Hollingsworth, RN, our nurse at the Eye Institute (telephone: 720-848-2020). She can work on filling them out but we do not always have them ready for your folllow-up visit.

Our Neurology Supportive and Palliative Care Clinic is important for assisting persons affected by neurological illnesses, including at the time of diagnosis. Patients and families affected by neurological conditions have significant and unique needs, including hard-to-control symptoms, long disease course, uncertain prognosis, and caregiver strain. The following are just some of the issues they address in the clinic: Goals for Care, Advance Care Planning, Complex Symptom Management, Caregiver Support, Spiritual Support, Psychological Issues, Social/Family Issues, and Care transitions. Please ask for a referral for these needs.

Items Dr. Pelak will want to discuss at the follow-up visit:

  1. Do you notice your vision worsening, and if so, please give examples?
  2. Are there new things you cannot do since the last visit that is related to your vision, memory, or thinking?
  3. If you started a new medication, are you taking it as prescribed? Any side effects?

Lastly, fill out this form: DSRS - Dementia Severity Rating Scale and bring to clinic with you.

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