UCH CEPS Funded Projects

Sedation Off, Awake, and Rehabilitate (SOAR)

Mikita Fuchita, MD | Caitlin Blaine, MSHS, PA-C | Alexis Keyworth, MSHS, PA-C | Blake Primi, MD | Alyson Kelleher, RN | Breandan Sullivan, MD | Kyle Ridgeway, PT, DPT | Laura Rosenthal, DNP, ACNP, FAANP | Jeffrey Glasheen, MD | Gina Whitney, MD

Gait Speed Screening Initiative: To Identify Older Adults with Lower Functional Status at Risk of Falls

Hillary Lum, MD, PhD | Jennifer Stevens-Lapsley, PT, PhD, FAPTA | Alexander Garbin, PT, DPT, PhD | Bennett Parnes, MD | Sarah Tietz, MD | Thomas Johnson, MD | Noelle Moreau | Hillary Duffy   

Standardizing the OPAT Discharge Process: Improving Transitions in Care

Lorna Allen, FNP-C | Brian Montague, DO | Larissa Pisney, MD | Cory Hussain, MD | Matt Miller, PharmD | Kyle Molina, PharmD | Sandra Koehler | Justine Rodriguez | Ray Brown | Tara Ward, NP | Henry Kramer, MD | Ann Czyz, RN | Mechelle Hibpschman, RN |  Heather Hallman, MHA, MSHS       


Improving the Delivery of Evidence-Based Medications for Opioid Use Disorder in the University of Colorado Hospital Emergency Department

Jason Hoppe, DO | Nat Truszczynski, PhD | Sean Michael, MD, MS | Kelly Bookman, MD

Postoperative Mobility Milestones for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Colorectal Surgery Patients

Ana Fernandez-Bustamante, MD, PhD |  Elisa Birnbaum, MD |  Mikita Fuchita, MD |  Cristina Winchester, BSN, RN, CMSRN |  Christopher White, PT, DPT, MSPT, OCS, EMT |  Danielle Sockolosky King, PT |  Kyle Ridgeway, PT |  Lisa Casanova-Sidoti, DNP, RN, CNOR, RNFA, CPHQ |  Alison Abraham, PhD, MS, MHS |  Ed Melanson, PhD     

Improving Outcomes in Patients with Alcohol-associated Liver Disease (ALD) Admitted to University of Colorado Hospital Non-Hepatology Service Lines

Paul Cannon, PA-C, MPH |  Anunta Virapongse, MD |  Sam Porter, MD |  Jay Burton, MD |  JP Norvell, MD |  Sara Stowell MSW, LSW |  Maura Burton, NP |  Arun Kannappan, MD |  Annie Chen, MD |  Minami Yamamura, MD |  Angela Keniston |  Lauren McBeth |  Eric Grimm |  Adnan S Syed           


Duplicate Charts and the Inpatient Contact Move Process

Hillary Landau, MD | Jonathan Pell, MD | Kendra Adams, MD | Edie Seffrood, MD | Jenna Rushin, RN        

An Intervention to Expand Hepatitis C Treatment among Hospitalized Patients with Substance Use Disorders with Linkage to Specialty Addiction Medicine Care at Discharge

Erin Bredenberg, MD | Susan Calcaterra, MD, MPH | Robin Bricker-Ford, PharmD, BCIDP, BCPS, AAHIVP | Sara Scherrer, MD    

Improving the Quality of Obstetric Post-partum Hemorrhage Care through Use of a Vacuum-induced Hemorrhage Control Device (VHC)

Robyn Shaffer, MD | Cosette Kathawa, MD | Kristin Powell MD | Amy Sailor, RN | Karen Hampanda | Meggan Zsemlye, MD | Anne Behring, RN | Cynthia Aubol, RN     



Implementation of Opioid Prescribing Guidelines Determined from Prospectively Collected Data of Postoperative Patients

Sudheer Vemuru, MD | Sarah Tevis, MD | Laura Leonard, MD | Maksym Goryachok, MS1 | Ethan Cumbler, MD | Kyle Bata, MS   


Implementation of a Clinical Decision Support Tool to Improve Adherence Rates in Screening for Barrett’s Esophagus

Sridevi K. Pokala, MD | Sachin Wani, MD | Blake Jones, MD | Camille Hochheimer, PhD  

Improving Evidence-based Clinical Documentation for Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Ambulatory GI Clinic through Pre-clinic My Health Connection Survey

Dennis Jing Zhou Wang, MD | Frank Scott, MD, MSCE | Blake Jones, MD | Steve Edmundowicz, MD           

Improving Care Transitions to Home Health Care through an Innovative Video-Teleconference Program: ECHO-HHC

Christine D. Jones, MD, MS | Ethan Cumbler, MD | Hemali Patel, MD | Jan Hagman, RN | Roya Yazdani, CM | Karin Harlan, SW | Karlene Hobbs | Tanya Budnikova, MBA | Gary Ruvins, JD, MBA | Bennett Parnes, MD | Chris Davis, MD, DTMH

Knowin’ Troponin: an EHR-based Clinical Decision Support Tool for Guideline Concordant Care of Patients with Elevated Troponin Levels

Karen Ream, PA | Andrew Levy, MD | Debra Anhoff, MD | Kim Marshall, BSN, RN | Jessica Nensel, DNP | Lorna Prutzman, RN, MSN | Ben Easter, MD, MBA | Sean Michael, MD, MBA | Matt Salzberg, MD | Julie A Rosser, DO | John Messenger, MD | Larry Allen, MD, MHS | Michael Ho, MD PhD 

Improving Quality, Safety and Effectiveness of Referrals to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at the University of Colorado Hospital

Mesha-Gay Brown, MD | Cornelia Drees, MD | Rhonda DeBello, RN | Jennifer Simpson, MD

Burn Intensive Care Unit to Operating Room Transfer: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Increase Efficiency and Improve Utilization in a High Volume Service

Colby G. Simmons, DO, MBA | Jason Brainard, MD | Jason Williams, MD, MBA | Benjamin Scott, MD | Anne Wagner, MD | Arek Wiktor, MD | Jennifer Wilson, RN | Erin Lund, RN | Ethan Clarke, RN | Nate Weitzel | Michelle Ballou | Michelle Feller 

Preoperative Enhancement Program (PREP) to Reduce Surgical Site Infections

Maria Albuja-Cruz, MD | Alicia Heelan Gladden, MD | Robin Henrich, MBA | Thomas Garcia 

Outpatient Antimicrobial Stewardship Project to Improve Antibiotic Prescribing in Upper Respiratory Infections in Seniors Clinic

Lakshmi Chauhan, MD | Kristine Erlandson, MD | Skotti Church, MD | Danielle Fixen, PharmD | Matthew Miller, PharmD