CHCO CEPS Funded Projects

Human Trafficking Screening in a Children's Hospital

Denise Abdoo, PhD, CPNP | Kathleen Adelgais, MD, MPH | Kristin Kim, MD, PhD | Antonia Chiesa, MD | Alisa Thomas, LCSW | Irina Topoz, MD  

Optimizing Perioperative Clinical Outcomes for Patients with Penicillin Allergy Labels in the Pre-Admission Testing Clinic

Gee Mei Tan, MD | Carolyn Foley, MD | Patrick Fernandez, MD | Maureen Bauer, MD | Taylor Lin, MD | Laura Wang, MD | James Thomas, MD | Christina MacBrayne, PharmD | Stacey Wall, DNP, APRN, CPNP-AC/PC | Rachel Burns MS, APRN, CPNP-PC | Stig Somme, MD           

Reducing Unnecessary Hospital Acquired Conditions and Harm in Critically Ill Children through Implementation of a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit High-Risk Patient Rounding Program

Michele Loi, MD | Sara Galt, RN, MSN | Lora Byrne, DM, MBA, BSN, CNML | Elizabeth Diaz, RN, MEd, CCRN | Beth Wathen, RN, MSN, CCRN-K | Kelly Reichert, MS, RN, FNP-C, CCRN-K | Nicole Diehl, RN | Andrea Reinecke               

Implementing an Early Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Guideline with a Systematic, Coordinated, and Inter-Disciplinary Approach

Montida Chowanadisai, MD | Kilby Mann, MD | Kristiana Burton, PT | Beth McManus, PT | Lindsay Warner, OT | James Hedgecock, PT, DPT, PCS | Heather Mahnken, OT | Andra Dingman, MD | Jennifer Armstrong, MD | Theresa Grover, MD        

Improving Access to Preventive Oral Health Care for Children with Medical Complexity

Kristina Malik, MD | Chris Stille, MD | Patricia Braun, MD | Karen Wells, RDH        

Low Fidelity Simulation Application Proof of Concept: A Quality Improvement Initiative to Enable Consistent, Efficient, and Affordable Simulation of Critically Ill Children in the Emergency Department

Anne Adema, MD | Chisom Abgim, MD | Tara Neubrand, MD | Nithin Ravi, MD | Sandra Spencer, MD | Irina Topoz, MD | Alexandria Weiersma, MD | Ryan Caltagirone, MD | Sarah Taylor Peters, RN | Traci Ertle, RN | Marianne Jeppeson, RN | Sarah Schmidt, RN            

Implementation of Extubation Readiness Trials in the CHCO NICU

Rebecca Shay, MD, MAS | Danielle Smith, MD, MAS | Kristen Berlin, MSN, APRN, NNP-BC | Anna Fry, RRT | Andrea Reinicke BSRC, RRT-NPS | Blair Weikel   

Improving Patient-Centered Care by Integrating Developmental and Cognitive Assessments for Pediatric Patients Followed in the Pulmonary Hypoplasia Multidisciplinary Clinic
Stephanie Takamatsu, PhD | Allison Dempsey, PhD | Kenneth Liechty, MD | Sandra Friedman, MD      

Reducing Unplanned Extubations in the Operating Room

Tyler Morrissey, MD |  Thanh Nguyen, MD |  Gina Whitney, MD |  Kim Strupp, MD |  Tessa Mandler, MD |  Thanh Nguyen, MD |  Bethany Morris, MD |  Young May Cha, MD |  Nick Stringer, MD |  Adriana Martin, MD |  Michelle Chiodini, RN |  Carleen Schneiter, MD |  Michelle Loi, MD |  Cam Gunville, MD |  Nicole Diehl, RN |  Rebecca Shay, MD |  Andrea Reinicke, RRT |  Valeri Aymami, MSN, RN

Pediatric Hospitalization: Valuable Opportunity for COVID Vaccination

Brendan Mulhern, MD | Suchitra Rao, MD | Mark Brittan, MD |   Kim O’Hara, MD | Chantel Urban | Michelle Akey | Ada Koch, PharmD | Mollie Kempa, PharmD | Vicotria Swingle, MD | Maliya Conley-Mishaw, MD | Jessica Purdue, RN | Michelle Rodriguez, RN | Jamie Bizal, RN | Kelly Galloway |  Brian Neiss              

Improving the Culture Surrounding Tracheal Aspirates in Mechanically Ventilated Patients

Monika Jelic, MD | Samuel Dominguez, MD, PhD | Sarah Parker, MD | Donna Curtis, MD | Christopher Baker, MD | Sarah Jung, PhD | Stacey Hamilton | Meghan Birkholz    

RN Putting the BI Back in SBIRT: Addressing Cannabis Use Disorder in Adolescents

Clifford Costello, MD | Jennifer Woods, MD | Tamara Martinez, MD | Curt Frenzel, RN | Andie Keefover,

Improving Flow in ED Supertrack Patients

Daniel Lam, MD | Chisom Agbim, MD | Bernadette Johnson, MD | Cortney Braund, MD | Sarah Schmidt, MD | Matt Chercie, RN | Kaleigh Ogawa, RN              


Extending Handshake Stewardship Services at Children’s Hospital Colorado

Sarah Parker, MD | Christine MacBrayne, PharmD, MSCS | Jason Child, PharmD | Kelly Pearce

Opioid Stewardship

Patrick Fernandez, MD | Ashley Reid, PharmD | Melissa Masaracchia, MD | Ryan Mooney, PA | Matt Millard, PharmD | Justin Heizer, PharmD | Jenny Reese, MD | Sarah Nickels, MSW, PhD | Tod Bos, BA

Clinical Pathway Utilization in Acute Care Setting: A Quality Improvement Initiative to Enable Consistent, Efficient and Excellent care that is Easy to Deliver 

Irina Topoz, MD | Alexandria Wiersma, MD | Kaylee Wickstrom, RN | Joan MacKenzie, MS, CPNP

Reducing Inappropriate Testing and Over Diagnosis of Clostridium Difficile at Children’s Hospital Colorado 

Jillian Cotter, MD | Claire Stokes, MD | Keith Hazleton, MD | Carrye Cost, MD | Samantha Bacon, MD | Ginny Lugo | Mikayla Norcross, RN | Jason Child, PharmD | Rebecca Coughlin | David Brumbaugh, MD | Samuel Dominguez, MD, PhD

Medstat: Improving CPR and Survival of Pediatric Cardiac Arrest in the Emergency Department

Tara Neubrand, MD | Natasha Cabrera, MD | Stacey Cabrera, RN |  Anthony Watkins, RN | Michael Distefano, MD

ERAS Implementation at CHCO

Kyle Rove, MD | Duncan Wilcox, MD | Megan Brockel, MD | Lisa McLeod, MD