CHCO CEPS Funded Projects

Reducing Antibiotic Overuse in Children without Radiographic Pneumonia

Jillian Cotter, MD | Sarah Parker, MD | Sonja Ziniel, PhD | Christine MacBrayne, PharmD, MSCS | Lilliam Ambroggio, PhD, MPH | Kevin Messacar, MD | Sam Dominguez, MD, PhD | Rakesh Mistry, MD, MS

Understanding the Effects of Noise Pollution on Sleep in Critically Ill Pediatric Patients and their Parents 

Gina DeMaselis, MD | Ann Lieb, PharmD | Pam Reiter, PharmD | Stacy Simon, PhD | Stephen Hawkins, MD | Dana Downen, RT | Andrea Reinicke, RT | Robin Thomas, RN | Shanda Cahoy, RN | Madison Fritz, RN | Patti Cummings | Todd Carpenter, MD | Cameron Gunville, DO

Optimizing Perioperative Clinical Outcomes for Patients Labelled Penicillin Allergic with Department Specific Pathway

Carolyn Foley, MD | Taylor Lin, MD | Maureen Bauer, MD | Patrick Fernandez, MD | James Thomas, MD | Carolyn Foley, MD | Christina MacBrayne, PharmD | Stacey Wall, DNP, APRN, CPNP-AC/PC | Rachel Burns MS, APRN, CPNP-PC | Stig Somme, MD

Making a Smooth Transition: Improving the CF Pediatric to Adult Care Process

Courtney Lynn, PhD | Emily Muther, PhD | Alisa Gray, LCSW | Cathy Chacon, RN

Patient-centered, Evidence-based Obesity Management and Care Coordination for Youth with Autism and Intellectual Disability

Jaime Moore, MD, MPH | Richard Boles, PhD | Suzanne Paul, FNP-C | Breta Alstrom, RD | Heidi Johnson, LSW | Michael Witten, MS, CSCS | Theresa Ream, BSN, RN | Jill Permeswaran, CPNP-PC

Improving the Frequency and Quality of Parental Updates in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Christina Ramo, MD | Sunah Hwang, MD, MPH, PhD | Stephanie Bourque, MD, MSCS | Kristin Gossett, LSW | Michelle Mueller | Tammy Dean | Andrea Himmelberger, RN | Kristiana Burton, PT

Improving Neurocognitive Screening in Pediatric Leukemia and Lymphoma Patients

Elise Turner, PhD | Greta Wilkening, PsyD, PhD, ABPP | Kelly Maloney, MD | Lia Gore, MD

Defining "At Risk for Asthma" Population in Bronchiolitis: Reducing Unnecessary Asthma Treatments in Bronchiolitis and Improving Early Asthma Diagnosis

John (Jay) Watson, MD | Sarah Pihl, CPNP-AC, MSN, RN | Amy Tyler, MD, MSCS

Clean Anesthesia - Improving Anesthesia Provider Hand Hygiene and Reducing Surface Contamination of the Anesthesia Work Environment

Gina Whitney, MD | Patrick Fernandez, MD | Tom Majcher, MD | Jeremy Deer, MD | Deb Agustin, AA | Ray Choi, MD | Gee Mei Tan, MD | Carolyn Foley, MD | Kathleen Martinez, RN | Laura Barg-Walkow, PhD | Russ Ingram

Optimize Surgical Prophylaxis to Prevent Surgical Infections and Decrease Antimicrobial Waste at CHCO

Sarah Parker, MD | Jason Child, PharmD | Amanda Hurst, PharmD | Kelly Pearce | Casey Dugan, PharmD, MBA

Right Patient, Pight place, Right Time: Risk Stratification for Children Undergoing Adenotonsillectomy in Ambulatory vs. Tertiary Care Settings

Norman Friedman, MD| Renee Crowder, RN | Sarah Derieg, RN, DNP | Regina Hoefner-Notz, BSN, MSN | Lisa McLeod, MD, MSCE

Implementing a Diagnostic Error Screening Tool in Pediatric Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Sites

Irina Topoz, MD | Joe Grubenhoff, MD, MSCS

Breathing Easier: Improving the Safety of Rapid Sequence Intubation in the CHCO Emergency Departments (ED) and Urgent Cares (UC)

Sarah Schmidt, MD | Tara Neubrand, MD | Marcela Mendenhall, MD | Michelle Alletag, MD | Jason Woods, MD

Maintain & Innovate:  High Quality Data and Analysis to Sustain High Quality Emergency Care for Pediatric Sepsis

Halden Scott, MD | Sara Deakyne Davies, MPH | Kathleen Grice | Lalit Bajaj, MD, MPH | Irina Topoz, MD | Joni Mackenie, MS, CPNP | Danella Pochman, MS, CPNP | Lindsey Shaw, MS, CPNP

Improving Iron Overload Screening in the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders


Holly Pacenta, MD | Joanne Hilden, MD | Shelby Winzent, PA | Chris McKinney, MD | Taizo Nakano, MD | Brian Branchford, MD | Amy Keating, MD | Kelly Maloney, MD | Roger Giller, MD | Brandon Nuechterlein, PA | Becky Coughlin | Dawn Law | Luis Perez

Improving Clinical Encounters for Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth


Natalie Nokoff, MD | Daniel Reirden, MD | Jennifer Barber, RN | Abby Simon, LCSW

Implementing Screening Processes to Enhance Identification of Psychological Concerns in Pediatric Cardiology

Sarah Kelly, PsyD | Dunbar Ivy, MD | Jeffrey Darst, MD | Kelly Wolfe, PhD | Cindy Buchanan, PhD | Elizabeth Steinberg, PhD, MA

Screening Inpatients for Unmet Social Needs

Michelle Torok | PhD | Mark Brittan, MD | Shelby Chapman