Continuity Clinics 

We are proud of the diversity of options available to residents for outpatient clinical training. All faculty preceptors at each training site are members of the University of Colorado Division of General Internal Medicine and are experts in outpatient medicine. Continuity with patients and preceptors is highly valued. All residents are assigned to a continuity clinic at the beginning of residency and develop their own group of primary care patients to follow during their three years of training.

3-year categorical interns and residents spend one month per quarter, alternating with four weeks of an inpatient rotation. This allows interns to familiarize themselves more quickly with their clinic setting and establish strong relationships with faculty and staff in their continuity clinic, which in turn becomes an educational home.​​​​

Preliminary interns will work in ambulatory clinics at the VA, have an ER rotation at UCH, and have a wide range of elective opportunities.


University Medicine - Lowry

The University Medicine-Lowry Internal Medicine clinic is a satellite clinic for a large academic medical center, located in the neighborhood of Lowry. Our patients are a mix, running the gamut from the complicated patients you imagine seeing at a tertiary medical center--who receive care from multiple specialists to a growing population of underserved patients receiving insurance via federal programs. To meet the needs of this group of patients we focus on multidisciplinary care including our care managers, social work, clinical pharmacy, and LCSW. As a resident you will be working will all of these team members to provide comprehensive care to your patients.   


UCHealth Anschutz

The Anschutz Internal Medicine clinic is part of a large academic medical center, situated next to the main teaching hospital, and surrounded by the schools of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Public Health. Noon Conference and Grand rounds are a few floors away. In addition to other on-site learners, our clinic offers multidisciplinary care for over 15,000 patients many of whom see academic specialists or work on campus. You will have the opportunity to work closely with several clinic-based teams to help provide multidisciplinary care to our patients including pharmacy, mental health, care management, and clinic leadership. 


Veterans Affairs Clinic

The Rocky Mountain VA provides health care to military veterans in Eastern Colorado.  Residents gain experience in managing a panel of patients in the Patient Aligned Care Team continuity clinic.  They will also rotate in the Rapid Access urgent care clinic to learn the diagnosis and management of acute complaints as well as outpatient procedures in the dedicated procedure clinic. 


Webb Center for Primary Care

We are part of the only fully integrated federally qualified community health center on the grounds of a public hospital.  Our patient population is diverse both racial/ethnically and socio-economically with many languages spoken.  We provide patient-centered care with a team of providers including pharmD, social work, behavioral health counselors, and an addiction counselor. Our faculty love working with residents and have a broad range of interests including treatment of opioid use disorders, HIV, HepC, research in asthma, and a specialist in Rheumatology!


Eastside Neighborhood Health Center

Denver Health’s Bernard F. Gipson Jr Eastside Family Health Center first opened in 1966 to address a health crisis, and help fight a “War on Poverty”. We are proud to be one of the oldest community health centers in the West, and we continue to provide level one care to anyone that walks through our doors, regardless of their ability to pay. Our current demographic is ~60% Medicaid, ~30% Medicare as the primary payer. The best aspect of working at Eastside Clinic is being a part of the amazing family of practitioners and staff who have dedicated their lives to improving the health of this community. We can’t wait to have you join us!


Westside Neighborhood Health Center

Westside is one of 12 community health centers affiliated with the Denver Health and Hospital Authority. The internal medicine practice at Westside serves a highly diverse population with ages ranging from 18 to geriatrics. There are large Medicaid (65%), uninsured (14%), undocumented and refugee populations served at Westside. Spanish speaking skills are a plus (but are not mandatory). This site is a federally qualified health center and is closely integrated as a community health center with the Denver Health system. The clinic is a primary care medical home and offers many integrated care services including behavioral health, social work, addiction medicine, and a weight loss clinic.

Sloans Lake Entrance thumbnail

Sloan's Lake Primary Care Center

Sloan’s Lake Primary Care is one of 11 community health centers associated with Denver Health Medical Center’s safety-net healthcare system. Our clinic is unique in that we are located on the first floor of a low-income apartment building that houses seniors and people with disabilities. Our multidisciplinary team strives to provide high-quality, comprehensive primary care to all patients regardless of ability to pay, including family planning services and treatment of substance use disorders. We see a diverse patient population, ranging from young, healthy working professionals to medically complex seniors, some of whom live in our building.