Crnic Blumenthal Fellowship Requirements 


Applicant must be a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow.

Applicant must be working on research relevant to Down syndrome.

Applicant must be on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus or Boulder Campus

Recipient Requirements

Blumenthal Fellowship recipients are expected to become active members of the Crnic Institute. Fellows must agree to:

  • Register as a Crnic Institute Member.
  • Attend monthly Crnic Supergroup Meetings, along with any lab members working on the project.
  • Present at least one research progress report at monthly Crnic Supergroup Meetings.
  • Prepare a formal project presentation for a future Down Syndrome Research Symposium.
  • List the Crnic Institute as an academic affiliation (in addition to their home department) on all publications emanating from the work supported by the fellowship.


Please contact​​.