Identifying the Path for your Practice

After reviewing the model comparison table, was there a column in which you highlighted/circled the most cells? Is there a model that is standing out for you that would work best for your practice? At this point, here is what we recommend:

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Select a model, get it started, iterate and adapt

Select a Model:

Pick one to start—which model or combination of models seem like it would work for your practice?

Get it Started:

Complete the questions below in “My Plan” and then click on “print or save” to have a written outline of your plan.

Iterate and Adapt:

This is important. The key is to START. You can learn as you go, expect to adapt and make changes based on what you learn

In the past, we treated [obesity] as a character flaw or poor decision making, or lack of willpower. Forcing ourselves to think about it as a chronic disease that has a complex physiology... allows us to use clinical skills that we use with other chronic diseases.


Our Plan


HOPE: Helping Our Patients Engage in Weight Management

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