Clinical Testing


We are a CAP/CLIA accredited clinical testing lab. Our tests include:


Cell Sorting for Engraftment/Chimerism: Sort CD3, CD14, CD19, CD33, CD34, and CD56 positive cells for specific engraftment monitoring.


Sorting: ClinImmune Labs sorts T Cells (CD3), Myeloid Cells (CD33) and NK Cells (CD56) to be greater than 96% purity on a FACSAria. Sorting significantly increases the sensitivity of the chimerism test and allows the physician to evaluate specific subpopulations.


Chimerism Testing: The molecular diagnostic Laboratory assays utilizing quantitative polymerase chain reaction/fragment analysis by capillary electrophoresis. PCR chimerism is assayed using the Beckman Coulter GeXP GenomeLab Human STR Primer Set.


Immunophenotyping: Provide CD4 and CD8 counts for Adult Clinical Trials group (ACTG).


CD34+ Enumeration: Provide CD34+ count, viability, percentage CD34+ of CD45+ cells.

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