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We are a CAP accredited clinical testing lab. Our tests include:


Cell Sorting for Engraftment/Chimerism: Sort CD3, CD33, and CD56 positive cells for specific engraftment monitoring.

ClinImmune Labs sorts T Cells (CD3), Myeloid Cells (CD33) and NK Cells (CD56) to be greater than 96% purity on a FACSAria and or FACSFusion. Sorting highly purified cell populations significantly increases the sensitivity of the chimerism test and allows the physician to evaluate engraftment monitoring of specific subpopulations. Sorted cell fractions are then transported from our flow cytometry facility to two molecular labs located on the Anschutz Medical Campus, Colorado Molecular Correlates Laboratory (CMOCO) and Children’s Hospital Colorado Precision Diagnostics Laboratory (CHCO). These molecular diagnostic laboratories perform quantitative polymerase chain reaction/fragment analysis by capillary electrophoresis. PCR chimerism is assayed using the Beckman Coulter GeXP GenomeLab Human STR Primer Set.

Cell sorting of B cells (CD19), monocytes (CD14), and hemopoetic stem cells (CD34) can also be performed on request.

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