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​Cell Sorting is a method used to separate cells isolated from an organism’s tissues according to their type. There are currently two cell sorters housed in our facility. They are located on the 10thfloor of Research 2 building at the University of Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus. All cell sorting services are conducted by our highly trained professional staff.

Our Instruments​LasersSorting​BSL-2+​Colors​Automation​
​BD Aria I
​BD Aria I
​488nm, 633nm, 405nm​YES​YES​12​NO
​BD Aria Fusion
​BD Aria Fusion
488nm, 561nm, 640nm, 405nm​YES​YES ​16​NO​

BD Aria I (3 Lasers, 12 Colors)

BD Aria I Specifications

BD Aria Fusion (4 Lasers, 16 Colors)

BD Aria Fusion Specifications

Please see below for our services, equipment and pricing: 


BD Aria I $125 $150 $93.75
BD Aria Fusion $125 $150 $93.75


*GALIIP (GI & Liver Innate Immune Program): Click HERE​ to check if you are a GALIIP member.

Prices for pilot and large studies are negotiable. ​​

How to Schedule Sort Time:

  • Check calendar for availability HERE
  • Contact Garrett Hedlund: Garrett.Hedlund@ucdenver.edu or (303)-724-7211
  • Fill out cell sort questionnaire and User Agreement Form
  • Bring Samples, Garrett will sort samples for you or you can watch or return later


User Agreement Form - fill out the information at the bottom of the page and return to facility personnel.