Biorepository and Cell Banking


The goal of the ClinImmune Flow Lab biobank is to provide expert specimen processing, data management, sample storage, and to advise commercial clients allowing for robust human clinical research. ​

The ClinImmune biobank is a repository that manages human biological samples for use in both academic/university-based studies and commercial clinical trials. We have expertise in the collection, processing, and storage of biospecimens including:

  • Peripheral blood serum/plasma/mononuclear cells (PBMC)
  • Lamina propria mononuclear cells (LPMC)
  • Bone marrow cells/plasma
  • Lymph nodes
  • Human stool and isolated stool bacteria communities
  • Buccal swabs (Human mouth epithelial cells for DNA purposes)
  • Tumor Tissue
  • Pleural Fluid
  • Thymocytes
  • Splenocytes
  • Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid
  • Extracted DNA


Our infrastructure includes long-term storage conditions in liquid nitrogen, -80°C, and room temperature (22°C) with temperature monitoring.


Laboratory Capabilities

ClinImmune Labs and associated Flow Cytometry Core Facility can support research with several clinically validated flow cytometry tests and/or custom non-clinical flow cytometry. We can also assist with experimental design. The laboratory is equipped with 5 flow cytometers, 5 tissue culture hoods for cell processing and automated cell counters.  All equipment is maintained and monitored in accordance with CAP guidelines.

We do not have the facilities to process or store biological samples that will be returned back into a human patient for therapeutic purposes.


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Biorepository and Cell Banking

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Hours of Operation

Staffed: Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm)

24/7 for Trained Users for analyzers



University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Allergy & Clinical Immunology/School of Medicine

Research Complex 2 (10th Floor)

12700 E. 19th Ave, Rm # 10232, Aurora, CO  80045


Contact Information

Brent Palmer, PhD



Henry Chu

Flow Core Manager 




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