• Mary Stuart

    Feb 10, 2020
    Over the past 40 years, Mary Stuart has successfully juggled the demands of raising two daughters, excelling in her career as an attorney, and giving back to her community through volunteering her time and assuming leadership positions. Mary's practical leadership style and strategic vision were tremendous assets throughout her tenure as Advisory Board chair from 2013-15.
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  • Karen Leaffer

    Oct 14, 2019
    As a past member of the CWHR Advisory Board, Karen's valuable insights and leadership guided the CWHR during a stage of great transition. In addition to being a busy mother, Karen is also managing partner of Leaffer Law Group, a firm providing legal counsel to support, advance and guide the work of nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations in Colorado. Karen and Steve remain involved in and generously support the Center.
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  • Nan Eklund

    Aug 9, 2019 by CWHR
    I think the team has grown to be more confident and the researchers are making an even larger impact on women’s health and sex differences. We are on an upward trajectory, and I am excited to be part of it.”
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  • Katie MacWilliams

    May 1, 2019 by CWHR
    Katie is equally drawn to another key component of the CWHR mission: mentoring junior faculty scientists. Having served as a mentor to many women throughout her career, she is particularly passionate about supporting the career development of young, talented researchers. Some of her generous gifts to the CWHR have been directed to mentoring and training for researchers as well as to supporting the CWHR’s biennial National Conference on Women’s Health and Sex Differences Research.
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  • Cathy Hollis

    Jan 1, 2019 by CWHR
    Cathy’s interest in the work of the CWHR was piqued because her mother had been misdiagnosed during a cardiovascular event in which she did not exhibit the typical “male” signs of crushing chest pain and shortness of breath. Cathy’s leadership and impactful philanthropy have played a critical role in the success of the Center for Women’s Health Research.
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  • Maureen & Alan Bird

    Jul 1, 2018 by CWHR
    Arrow employees look forward to hearing top experts in women’s health and to receiving important health takeaways. As Alan pointed out, “We feel very fortunate to have this partnership with the CWHR. Arrow team members always stress that they walk away with important health information that they did not have before. The educational value for the employees is what it’s all about.”
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  • Lyda Ludeman

    Jan 1, 2018 by CWHR
    “It is never too late to get involved. Funding for research is the greatest struggle. I am grateful to have the energy and interest to apply what I learned in the tech world to things that are worthwhile and helpful to us all – the health of us all,” says Lyda.
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  • Ginger Graham

    Jul 1, 2017 by CWHR
    For years, I've been working to increase industry's participation in improving women's health and working to get women into the system for adequate evaluation and treatment. I've also tried to promote research on sex differences by including women in clinical trials and focusing research dollars on women's health. The Center is making a difference in this area and I want to see this work grow across the globe. It's extremely important to me.
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  • Marge Bunkers

    Apr 1, 2017 by CWHR
    After Joyce passed away, I was looking for a way to honor her memory. I came across a newspaper article about Judy [Regensteiner] and the CWHR. So I called Judy and asked to come talk with her. We had a wonderful discussion about the Center and its goals. I thought there was no better way to honor Joyce’s memory than to start supporting the Center.
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  • Betsy Mangone

    Jul 1, 2016 by CWHR
    I have chosen to continue working with and supporting the CWHR for so many years because it exemplifies what attracts me to support an organization with my time and money—an important mission, a successful track record, excellent leadership, strong strategic and financial goals, an emphasis on honoring those who choose to support it, and finally, the friendships between the CWHR’s faculty, staff and my fellow colleagues on the Advisory Board.
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  • Nancy Tankersley

    Oct 1, 2015 by CWHR
    Nancy encourages everyone to do two simple things to raise awareness about women’s health: ask your doctor about it and talk to your friends. As a former health care worker, Nancy knows that by engaging your doctor in the conversation, you will help them become aware of the importance of sex differences in research and treatment. By talking to your friends, you are spreading the word about topics that could one day improve their treatment for health issues and save their lives.
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  • Catherine Petros

    Apr 1, 2015 by CWHR
    Incoming Advisory Board chair, Catherine Petros, is very committed to supporting the careers of the CWHR’s junior faculty. Catherine joined the CWHR Advisory Board in 2012 and served as chair of the Annual Community Luncheon in 2012 and 2013.
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  • Mary Sissel

    Apr 1, 2014 by CWHR
    The Center is not only searching for ways to diagnose, treat and prevent the diseases, but it is training and mentoring the next generation of scientists in women’s health. I understand the timeline can be long to find solutions in science. I am driven to support this work, not to find the answers for my generation, but to “pay it forward” for my children and their children. That’s what I hope will be my legacy.
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  • Helen Jean Mitchell

    Jan 1, 2013 by CWHR
    The Center for Women’s Health Research is very grateful to the donors and supporters who support its three fold mission of research, mentoring, and education and outreach. Helen Jean Mitchell, who is generously supporting cardiovascular research at the Center, recently shared with us why she chose to direct her gift to the CWHR.
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