Meet Our Team


Paul J Norman, PhD

Principal Investigator


Laura Ann Leaton, BA

PhD Candidate - Immunology

"The role of KIR3DL3 function in T cells in the gut"


Liyen Loh, PhD

Assistant Professor - Research


Katie Kichula, BS

PhD Student - Human Medical Genetics and Genomics

"Genetically encoded NK-cell receptors role in pregnancy and pregnancy disorders"

Nick Pollock, BS

PhD Candidate - Human Medical Genetics and Genomics

"Methods development for studying immunogenetics of disease"


Neus Font Porterias, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

"KIR and HLA diversity in human populations"

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Suraju Sadeeq, BS

PhD Student - Human Medical Genetics and Genomics

"KIR3DL1 and HLA class I in multiple sclerosis susceptibility"

Natalie Longino

Natalie Longino, MD PhD

Research Fellow

"Comparing NK cell profiles within melanoma tumors and pregnancy"

Noah Cline

Noah Cline, BS

Professional Research Assistant


Logan Kirkland, BS

Professional Research Assistant

"NK cell subsets in Multiple Sclerosis"