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Vascular Surgery Residency

Our mission is to train outstanding academic and community vascular surgeons who become leaders in the specialty.

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Greetings! We are extremely excited and pleased by your interest in our vascular surgery training program and from all of our faculty and staff, we welcome you to our Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. Your accomplishments and endeavors to this date are to be congratulated.

The University of Colorado School of Medicine Robert B. Rutherford Integrated Residency in Vascular Surgery (0+5) is a University Hospital, Veterans Administration, and Community Hospital based, 5-year ACGME/RRC accredited residency with the trainees having joined the program in July 2021. In April of 2021, we received initial accreditation from the RRC. 

Our training program encompasses all aspects of vascular and endovascular surgery techniques and patient care. Vascular residents participate in the diagnosis, preoperative care, operative procedure, and postoperative care for the majority of patients treated on the vascular service. Senior vascular surgery trainees also have important teaching responsibilities to our junior vascular surgery residents, general surgery residents, and medical students rotating on the vascular service. Vascular trainees assist general surgery residents in integrating noninvasive vascular studies into the overall evaluation of patients with vascular disease. In addition, residents prepare and present at regularly scheduled academic conferences.

The University of Colorado School of Medicine on the Anschutz Medical Campus is an ideal place to train. Our winning Colorado qualities include our diverse community of Aurora, our location nationally in the Rocky Mountains, our highly ranked medical and surgical programs, our high quality faculty who have trained in diverse settings, as well as a growing campus with all healthcare disciplines in one location. The Denver metro area is a pulsating, vigorous community that embraces innovation and invention, of which the Colorado Prevention Center for Clinical Research is a part. With the Department of Bioengineering on our campus, there is a seamless avenue for communication and thought between our clinicians, researchers, and engineers.

Thank you for your interest in our Vascular Surgery Integrated Residency Program here at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our office with any questions.

Meet the Team

Rafael Malgor, MD

Rafael Malgor, MD

Program Director
Associate Professor

Max Wohlauer, MD

Max Wohlauer, MD

Associate Program Director
Associate Professor

     Matt Stelling


CU Anschutz

Academic Office One

12631 East 17th Avenue

Room: 6111

Aurora, CO 80045


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