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Building a Better Tomorrow

RNA biology has emerged as one of the most influential areas in modern science. The discovery of numerous new classes of RNAs and identification of their functions has revolutionized molecular biology with profound implications for the future of clinically relevant RNA-based diagnostics and therapeutics. Investing in RNA research and education today, builds a better tomorrow.

Scientific Literacy is Critical

Scientific literacy can be defined as "the ability to engage with science-related issues, and with the ideas of science, as a reflective citizen". It entails the ability to separate facts from opinion or myth and then using those facts to make decisions. The first step in scientific literacy is for scientists to convey their work in everyday language. Here, RBI co-founder and co-director, Dr. David Bentley, deftly explains RNA in simple accessible terms.

Illuminating the Future with RNA

The mission of the RNA Bioscience Initiative is to cultivate a vibrant center of discovery and innovation in RNA biology, informatics, diagnostics, and therapy. Our goal is to provide a fluid pipeline from basic to clinical RNA research at the Anschutz Medical Campus.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

The common stereotype for scientists, particularly those with a PhD, is that of a serious, no-fun, egghead. Nothing could be further from the truth... scientists are thrill seekers who are very excited about what they do and passionate about helping others!

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