PreAward Services and Timeline

When a PI decides to submit a grant application or enter into a contract, the PASS group begins organizing the administrative pieces of the project. This allows School of Medicine researchers to focus on the scientific and collaborative components of the proposal. The ideal timeframe to notify PASS of an upcoming submission is two months or more, with more advanced notice being highly beneficial for complex proposals or proposals with subcontractors.

Find and Understand Funding Opportunities

Major funders like the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and the Department of Defense are constantly updating opportunities and corresponding requirements. PASS stays informed so PIs know where to start their search for research funding and how to respond to the detailed criteria in grant applications.

Complete the Internal Routing Requirements

The PASS group’s collective experience reviewing funding announcements and agency policies ensures proposals meet the requirements of external sponsors and the Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC). In the routing stage, the grant consultant will oversee budget development, collect required information from subrecipients, acquire department approvals, and resolve issues with the sponsor and OGC. Once ready, the preaward consultant will build and submit the internal InfoEd routing.

Develop your Full Proposal

After OGC reviews an internal routing, PASS will resolve all required administrative changes and begin building the final application. PASS is experienced with the system-to-system submission tool InfoEd and a range of alternative submission systems including, NSF Fastlane, NIH ASSIST, DoD eBRAP, NASA NSPIRES, Proposal Central and more. This allows PIs to focus on research while the PASS group addressees technical and the administration of proposal submission.

Accept and Manage your Award

After the primary application is submitted, we remain available for PIs to address sponsor requirements that come up after the proposal has been submitted but before an award is received, such as NIH Just-In-Time requests. Once awarded, the PASS group is available for consultation and assists with some post-award items such as NIH Annual RPPRs. Day-to-day post-award financial management remains under the oversight of the PI and the PI’s department.

Review our detailed PASS Service Level Agreement. 

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