Section of Informatics and Data Science

The vision of the Section of Informatics and Data Science in the Department of Pediatrics is to improve child health by advancing informatics and data science. 

Section faculty have expertise in:

  • Informatics: clinical and research informatics, clinical decision-making and support, record linkage
  • Data Science: biostatistics, computer science, machine learning, data assimilation, mathematical physiology

We seek to:

  • Design and develop novel computational models, tools, and interfaces
  • Build tools into real-time clinical decision support systems
  • Partner with health systems to deploy tools and rigorously evaluate their impact

Join our team

  • ​We are hiring exceptional graduate students and post-docs. Please contact faculty members with your interest.

David Albers, PhD is the first author of a manuscript selected as the IMIA paper of the year for AI in Healthcare

Mechanistic machine learning: how data assimilation leverages physiologic knowledge using Bayesian inference to forecast the future, infer the present, and phenotype


University of Colorado 
School of Medicine
13199 East Montview Blvd., Suite 300
Campus Mail F443
Aurora, CO 80045

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