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Range of Motion Exercises

Range of Motion Exercises and how they help 

Active range of motion exercises are movements that help keep you flexible and mobile. Active range of motion exercises helps you move each joint through its full range of motion. Moving joints every day helps maintain their normal range of motion and improves balance, strength, and reduces pain in the affected area.


Conservative Management ROM Distal Radius/ Wrist Fracture

Distal Radius Wrist Fracture This handout is intended for patients healing from wrist fractures, treated conservatively (in a cast), or through surgical intervention. It’s important to get your fingers moving from Day 1.  If the movement is difficult, perform Part A followed by Part B. If the movement is easy then perform Part B only. 

Move your fingers

Move your fingers through their FULL range of motion from completely straight (or beyond straight) to complete in a fist, spread your fingers far apart, and press them together.

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