This information is for the MSTP students currently in their thesis/PhD-phase of the program. Upon completing all PhD requirements, MSTPs will have a flexible re-entry timeline back into medical school to complete the final two years of clinical and curriculum experiences, leading to their medical degree.

The year prior to returning to medical school and resuming medical school, MSTPs will participate in the MSTP Clinical Capstone course. This course is a week-long (5-day) clinical immersion course designed to build clinical skills for MSTP students to help transition back to medical school. Students will see patients, write notes, present to and consult with the team, and review differentials, clinical reasoning, and management. The week includes daily rounds with a medicine team, appropriate patient care with supervision, daily didactic sessions on various organ systems, and clinical skills workshops. Students follow up to 2-3 patients, present formally on morning rounds, call consulting teams, and discuss care and plans with patients and families.  We include discussions on functioning as a professional clinical clerk, succeeding on the wards, and functioning well as a member of the clinical team.

In the new School of Medicine curriculum, the clinical year will now be a Longitudinal Integrated Clinical experience (LIC), rather than clinical blocks as in previous years. The main benefit of the LIC model is that students experience the benefits of patient and preceptor continuity. Students will have the opportunity to follow patients longitudinally across health care systems to experience a patient-centered perspective on health care. For example, students may follow a pregnant patient, help in the delivery of her baby, and then follow up in clinic with both the mother and newborn for postpartum care and well-child check-ups. Students spend their 3rd year working with the same preceptor in each specialty all year providing longitudinal teaching, mentorship, and evaluation. Students develop a cohort of patients from all specialties that they follow through primary care, subspecialty clinics, inpatient, and emergency settings throughout their year in the program.

After completing the LIC, students will have time in their fourth and final Phase (IV) to work on any make-up credits, do away rotations, but also prepare for residency applications and interviews. Students will register for clinical electives to continue their training, prepare for their residency applications, ERAS letters, and interviews. The SOM offers Transition to Residency courses in the spring, prior to graduation.

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