The MSTP Student Council is an elected body serving essential organizational, programmatic, and social roles for the students and administration of the CU Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP). This student-led advocacy organization represents the unique perspectives and needs of a growing student population on the Anschutz Medical Campus. The core roles and functions of the MSTP Student Council are listed in the following tabs, divided into Five

Prongs: Advice, Communication, Policy, and Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Advocacy (IDEA), and Community Outreach.

Group in a pub

(Meals & Mentorship advice event)

Advice: The MSTP SC compiles and consolidates advice, resources, and wisdom of senior students and hosts events to help all students navigate MD/PhD transitions and milestones. Events are planned and implemented by MSTP SC.

  • Associated events: Meals & Mentorship (M&M) Series (MD-to-PhD & How to Publish; PhD-to-MD & How to Succeed in Clinic; MSTP-to-Beyond: Preparing and Applying for Residency).

park day 2

(MSTP-Park Day)

Communication: The MSTP SC is a conduit for reciprocal communication between the MSTP student body and the MSTP administration. MSTP SC also serves to promote program cohesion, community building, and peer mentorship through social events. The Communication Committee is responsible for overseeing the social, interactive, and messaging program of MSTP SC.

  • Associated events: MSTP Park-Day, Social Hours, Annual MSTP Retreat, Revisit Weekend
  • Initiatives: MSTP-Pods, SWAG
  • Resources: SC-Slack, MSTP Intranet (repository of MSTP resources), Quarantine Chronicles Newsletter, Twitter


Policy: The MSTP SC studies issues related to current program structure and makes recommendations for programmatic change to the MSTP administration. Policy changes are recommended only after careful consideration and consultation of the MSTP student body and all relevant stakeholders.

  • Associated events: Quarterly MSTP SC Business Meetings.
  • Current Topics for Study: New curriculum, Return to Clinic Refresher Course


Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Advocacy (IDEA): The MSTP SC serves to facilitate a broad awareness of how and why diversity is unequivocally linked to all MSTP areas of concern such as intellectual freedom, education and continual learning, literacy and fairness of access; to support our current and future students in all aspects of equity and justice; and to foster the development of a diverse MSTP student community.

  • Studies diversity issues affecting MSTP students, recommends policy changes, advocates for students facing discrimination, collaborates with other campus advocacy groups, and interfaces with Community Outreach


Group outside on campusCommunity Outreach:

As a branch of the MSTP Student Council, the MSTP Community Outreach Group has the mission to connect with and provide community to people regardless of race, gender, or family income. The Community Outreach Group coordinates community service and engagement opportunities for MSTP students. This includes emailing existing volunteer opportunities on campus monthly, regular meetings with the Outreach Interest Group, organizing service projects, supporting MSTP student-led outreach initiatives, and building new outreach programs.

Annual Projects:

AMC Pre-doc Mentoring Program, STEM Scholars, MD-PhD Panel Informational Session, and community volunteer projects

Past Outreach Projects/Initiatives:

Summer Research Training Program (SRTP), Westminster High School Scientific Advisory Board and Outreach, monthly Outreach Interest Group meetings, and more!

douglas fritz

Douglas Fritz (he/him)

Policy Chair
MS3 (Trek Curriculum)
Fun Fact: I’m in a NTSB PSA commercial for wearing seatbelts (as an actor, not a because I don’t wear my seatbelt)

Annika Gustafson

Annika Gustafson (she/her)

IDEA Chair
GS3 Molecular Biology
Fun Fact: My favorite vegetables are sweet potatoes

Kelsey Kines

Kelsey Kines

Year: 2018
Fun Fact: I have been dancing since I was 2 years old and I still take classes today in Denver!


Shanawaj "Roy" Khair (he/him)

Advice Co-Chair
GS5, Molecular Biology
Fun Fact: I am from Queens, NYC, and did not get my driver's license until I moved to Colorado in 2017!

Carley Miller
Carley Miller (she/her)

Co-President & Outreach Chair
GS3 Pharmacology
Fun Fact: I grew up on a dairy farm and can milk cows by hand!

nickole moon
Nickole Moon (she/her)

Advice Co-Chair / Communication Co-Chair
GS4, Neuroscience
Fun Fact: I ran three marathons after moving to Colorado.
(And lost n+1 toenails.)

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