The MSTP Student Council is an elected body serving essential organizational, programmatic, and social roles for the students and administration of the CU Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP). This student-led advocacy organization represents the unique perspectives and needs of a growing student population on the Anschutz Medical Campus. The core roles and functions of the MSTP Student Council are listed in the following tabs, divided into Five Prongs: Advice, Communication, Policy, and Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Advocacy (IDEA), and Community Outreach.


Lily Nguyen (she/her)

Co-President & Comm. Co-Chair
GS3, MCDB Boulder
Fun Fact: Lily likes non-licorice flavored licorice!


Conor Hughes

Connor Hughes (he/him)

Co-President & Policy Co-Chair
GS4, Pharmacology
Fun Fact: Connor has played percussion and the drumset for 19 years (and pictured here with Dr. Peter Agre)!


Meghan Kellett (she/her)

Outreach Co-Chair
GS4, Cancer Biology
Fun Fact: Meghan has travelled to every continent except Antartica!


Grant Hei-yong Lo (he/him)

Technical & Clerical Director
GS3, Molecular Biology
Fun Fact: Grant has two fish tanks, including a small puffer fish and many cherry shrimp!


Roy Shanawaj Khair (he/him)

Advice Co-Chair
GS3, Molecular Biology
Fun Fact: Roy is from Queens, NY and did not get a driver's license until he moved to Colorado in 2017!


Jackie Turner (she/her)

Outreach Co-Chair
GS2, Pharmacology
Fun Fact: Jackie loves visiting the Denver Cat Cafe!