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Lindsey Milgrom | MHA Class of 2020
Pathology Assistant Student | Louisiana State University New Orleans

Lindsey Demonstrates Plastinated Brain


The capstone project is a scholarly and/or research-based pursuit of knowledge and content development in the area of anatomical sciences, modern imaging and modeling technologies, and educational science completed as part of the MS in Modern Human Anatomy. ‚Äč

To ensure that our students are free to pursue the many opportunities offered by the Anschutz Medical Campus and surrounding scientific community, we define a capstone project less by what it is than by what it should include. As such, a capstone project should include:

  • Result in a tangible product or deliverable which enhances or adds to existing content being studied.
  • Reflect a significant level of scholarship and creativity, and provide a scholarly contribution.
  • Entail new learning for the student and demonstrate that the student has gained a new level of expertise.
  • Involve in the characterization of a structure (or structures) ranging in scale anywhere from a molecular to organismal or gross levels of organization.
  • Include at least one (and preferably more) of the following: 2D Images, 3D images, animations, or 3D models.


The minimum requirements for advancing to capstone enrollment include: 

  • Completing and passing 4 out of 6 core courses (ANAT 6111, ANAT 6205, ANAT 6310, ANAT 6321, ANAT 6330, ANAT 6412).
  • One or more of the successfully completed core courses should be relevant to the proposed capstone project.
  • Demonstrated professionalism by attending seminars regularly and meeting with the MHA faculty advisor at least 3 times.

    Capstone & Project Highlights

    Past Capstone Projects

    StudentCapstone MentorCapstone Project Title
    Erika AlorEmily DeBoer, MDThe Use of a 3D-Printed Model for the Interpretation of Chest CT Scans
    Melissa BarellaJohn Thompson, PhDResponsive Neurostimulation Implants Improved Outcomes in Patients with Drug-Resistant Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Regardless of Probe Proximity to Hippocampus or Amygdala
    Katherine Colon ReyesChristy Niemeyer, PhDMicroglia Infiltration Within Distinct Brain Regions Across Acute HSV-1 Infection
    Michael CoriglianoChristy Niemeyer, PhDMetabolic Dysfunction of Spinal Astrocytes Following Alphaherpesvirus Infection
    Quinlan CuddyAllison Shapiro, PhDExamining the Association Between Brain Connectivity and Satiety Responsiveness in Adolescents
    Joseph GilmoreGareth Morgan, MDDesign Informed by Anatomy – An Overhead Arm Support Apparatus for Use in Cardiac Catheterization Procedures
    Michael HaNatalia Vergara, PhDUsing Patient Stem Cell-Derived Retinal Organoids to Investigate the Mechanisms of Retina Development and Degeneration in Down Syndrome
    Rourke HaasDiego Restrepo, PhDSmells Like Trouble: Antibody Verification in the Olfactory Bulb
    Ashlee HarryTraci Lyons, PhDPerivascular Macrophage and Macphatic Roles in Metastatic Migration of Breast Cancers
    Caitlynn HudlowChelsea Lohman Bonfiglio, PhD & Danielle Royer, PhD“This Atlas is the Reason I Passed My Lab Practical!”: Evaluating the Use of Course-Tailored Review Resources in the Medical Gross Anatomy Flipped Classroom
    Marie IzereJill Kaar, PhDIt Takes Guts to Be Innovative! The G-Tube Health Literacy Project
    Aimee KimNicholas Jacobson, MDesSLiver Long and Prosper: How a 3D Liver Library Can Optimize MRI Imagining to Improve 3D Printed Models for Hepatic Pre-Surgical Planning
    Ryan LaGrecaDavid Howell, PhDTranslating Concussion Gait Evaluations to a Mobile Approach: Reliability and Test Environment Differences
    Maria PorpioChelsea Lohman Bonfiglio, PhDVessels Less Traveled: Learning Upper Limb Arterial Anastomoses Through Gamification in Graduate Gross Anatomy
    Justin SchweigertJenny Zablah, PhDGeneration of Z-values of Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Structures
    Katherine SpencerAllison Shapiro, PhDA Little Something Sweet: Glucose-Stimulated GLP-1 Secretion and Functional Brain Connectivity in Adolescents
    Kara TrippNicholas Jacobson, MDesS“Face Fixin’”: Developing an Algorithm for Complex Zygoma Surgical Reconstruction Following Trauma
    Tiajah ValerioJenny Zablah, MDPutting the A.R. in Heart: Utilizing Augmented Reality in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab
    Maxwell WalkerNicholas Jacobson, MDesS3-D Printing for Vessel Location in Anterolateral Thigh (ALT) Grafts During Phalloplasty Procedures
    Elizabeth WidgahlChelsea Lohman Bonfiglio, PhDCadaveric Donor Care: Establishing a Protocol for Longitudinal Integrated Curricula in Anatomy Labs
    Gabriel YuenJenny Zablah, MDAn Examination of Physical Parameters Across Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve Systems and Potential Correlation with Post-Placement Arrhythmia in Congenital Heart Disease Patients


    StudentCapstone MentorCapstone Project Title
    Jane BrusilovskyPeter Pressman, MDConversational Floor Exchanges in Neurodegenerative Disorders
    Jamie ErneweinCaley Orr, PhDBullseye! Preliminary Results on the Kinematics of the Dart Thrower Motion in Non-Human Primates
    Monica FongDavid James, DPTGlenohumeral Ligaments Explained: The Use of a 3D Printed Model to Understand the Movement of the Glenohumeral Joint
    Denisa GrofovaCecilia Caino, PhDPhosphorylation of T214 SNPH Does Not Alter Mitochondrial Subcellular Distribution in Cancer Cells
    Katherine GustiloChelsea Lohman, PhD&A Novel En Bloc Circulatory System Dissection: A Teaching Tool for Systems-Based Medical School Curricula
    Jessica HoffmanAllison Shapiro, PhDIn-Utero Maternal Depression Exposure and the Offspring Amygdala
    Ivy MacaraegFrancis Smith, PhDThe Creation of a 3D Digital Database to Showcase the Individual Variation in Treacher Collins Syndrome
    Linda NeelyDavid Howell, PhDPost-concussion exercise frequency is associated with a decreased risk of developing persistent post-concussion symptoms
    Robyn PierceMatthew Riscinti, MDThe Creation of a Cost-Effective, Reusable, and Accurate Ultrasound Phantom of the Interscalene Space and Brachial Plexus
    Benjamin RajicAllison Shapiro, PhDBrain-Body Connection: Synchronization of Endogenous Insulin and Hypothalamic Neuronal Activity During Hyperglycemia
    Logan ScottJuliana Wilson, DOTele-Ultrasound: Virtual Hands-on Medical Education for Novice Users Utilizing FAST & Carpal Tunnel Models, Pilot Study
    Kristoffer SeidlKatherine Rennie, PhDA Method for Counting Ribbon Synapses in Aging Vestibular Epithelia
    Amanda TelferJenny Zablah, MDAn Evaluation of 3D Printed Cardiac Models and Their Role in Patient, Caretaker, and Staff Education: One Print, Multiple Uses
    Jeannie ThanJenny Zablah, MDStep Into Another World: Virtual Reality Applications in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory for Patients with Congenital Heart Disease
    Kyetiil VicentiAbraham Nussbaum, MDSick and Tired of Learning Psychiatry the Old Way? Try Hippocampus Game
    Ryan WendellCory Christensen, PT, PhDThe Role of Pain in Gait Deviations Caused by Unilateral Hip Osteoarthritis


    StudentCapstone MentorCapstone Presentation Title
    Hailey AngusLisa Lee, PhDWhat the head and neck? A study of integrated gross anatomy with embryology and its effect on learning and retention (watch presentation)
    Eliza BiondiJennifer Stevens-Lapsley, PT, PhDCan you stand it? A comparison of vertical ground reaction force in patients with osteoarthritis (watch presentation)
    Jessica BryantErnesto Salcedo, PhDAnimating and 3D Printing the Cranial Nerves (watch presentation)
    Caleb FiebigJohn Thompson, PhDWe’re on the right tract: Diffusion tensor imaging assessment of epileptogenic zone using depth electrode locations to investigate white matter networks (watch presentation)
    Marisa FloresJuliana Wilson, DOThat costs How Much: 3D printing a female pelvic ultrasound phantom (watch presentation)
    Cassandra GonzalezJill Kaar, PhDLong-term Cardiometabolic Risk Among Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Childhood Cancer Survivors Treated by Bone Marrow Transplant (watch presentation)
    Marissa HightLisa Lee, PhDChange of Heart: Virtual Embryonic 3D Heart Model with Interchangeable Conotruncal Septa Promotes Clinically Oriented Learning (watch presentation)
    Andrew HullLisa Lee, PhDEmbryorigami: The Educational Value of 4D Virtual Embryo Models on Student Learning and Confidence (watch presentation)
    Rawan JarrarIsabelle Buard, PhDNeural correlates behind selective attention and visual conflict monitoring using a Stroop task (watch presentation)
    Canaan KerrEmily DeBoer, MDIntegrating Endoscopy: Visual Scoring and Lung Fluid Cellularity Associated with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (watch presentation)
    Jensine LamiraThomas Greany, DDSInferior Alveolar Nerve Block Using A Mixed-Reality Haptic Trainer (watch presentation)
    Alexis MacDonaldJenny Zablah, MDEvaluation of 3D Printed Models on Cardiac Catheterization Staff Education of Single Ventricle Palliation (watch presentation)
    Deion PeñaMichael DiMaria, MDHeart Grew Three Sizes: Improving the Health Literacy of Patients Utilizing 3D Heart Model of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (view presentation)
    Conner SecoraNatalia Vergara, PhDTraumatic Brain Injury Exacerbates Alzheimer’s Disease in the Retina (watch presentation)
    Peter TherriatDaniel Goldberg, JD, PhDAnatomy Educators’ Ethical Views on the Re-creation of Human Tissue via 3D Printing Technology (watch presentation)
    Kimberly ThiesJohn Thompson, PhDTargeting Effects of rZI vs. STN in Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease (watch presentation)
    Lauren WahlCaley Orr, PhDEvaluation of 3D Digital Models in Head and Neck Anatomy (watch presentation)
    Zachary ZylstraThomas Greany, DDSAssessment of Cone Beam CT Accuracy for Creating Digital Scale Models: an Essential Step for Actualizing 3D Printed Dental Implants (view presentation)


    Student Capstone Mentor Capstone Presentation Title

    Alexander Berthusen

    Alexander Barker, PhD

    Check That Flow Out: A Hemodynamic Comparison Study of Fick and Phase-Contrast MRI in Children with Tetralogy of Fallot (watch presenation)

    Tanner Bloks

    Timothy Tran, MD

    A 3-D Printable Ultrasound Phantom For Subclavian Central Lines (watch presentation)

    Tara Brooks

    Natalia Vergara, PhD

    Elucidating the Mechanisms of Developmental Cell Death in the Retina Using Stem Cell-derived Organoids (watch presentation)

    Cody Buongiorno

    Stephen Hawkins, MD

    Interactive 3D Resources to Improve Parent Understanding of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in Children with Down Syndrome (DS) (watch presentation)

    Yu Jung Choi

    Lisa Lee, PhD

    “Build an Embryo”: Educational Efficacy of 3D Printed Embryo Models in Pieces or En Bloc in Enhancing Spatial & Temporal Anatomy Learning (watch presentation)

    Wyatt Colloty

    Maria Nagel, MD

    Distribution of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Infection in Wild Type Mice Following Intranasal Inoculation (watch presentation)

    Leanne DeMay

    Caley Orr, PhD

    Evaluating Bilateral Asymmetry in the Proximal Femora of Homo sapiens and Pan troglodytes (watch presentation)

    Laura Finger

    Rachel Davis, MD

    Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging to Find Optimal Deep Brain Stimulation Targets for the Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (watch presentation)

    Rocío Griggs

    Maria Nagel, MD

    Evaluating the Adrenal Glands During Simian Varicella Virus Infection in Rhesus Macaques (watch presentation)

    Lisa Hirt

    John Thompson, PhD

    Quantifying Circuit Activation in Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery For Essential Tremor (watch presentation)

    Tyler Johnson

    Chelsea Lohman Bonfiglio, PhD

    Developing and Printing 3D Printed Hearts for Graduate Level Ultrasound Training (watch presentation)

    Lindsey Milgrom

    Ethan Hughes, PhD

    Parvalbumin axons may be more susceptible to demyelination (watch presentation)

    Nazeen Morelli

    Jill Kaar, PhD

    Cardiovascular Disease Risk Begins Early In Males With Klinefelter Syndrome (watch presentation)

    Christopher O'Neill

    Peter Pressman, MD

    Prosodic Expression in Two Variants of Primary Progressive Aphasia (watch presentation)

    Holly Olson

    Paul Rochon, MD

    A 3D Printable Model of Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformation as a Useful Tool for Improving Patient Education (watch presentation)

    Yuna Park

    Tyler Muffly, MD

    “My Vagina Did What?”: Evaluating a Mobile App of 3D Enterocele Anatomy in Post-Hysterectomy Women (watch presenation)

    Megan Ryan

    Corbett Wilkinson, MD

    Postsurgical complications in patients undergoing baclofen pump implantation (watch presentation)

    Jake Shearer

    Vic Spitzer, PhD

    Keyframed Anatomy: Developing Anatomical Digital Education Resources for Distance Learning (watch presentation)

    Charlotte Wilson Thomas Greany, DDS

    Development of augmented reality and mixed-media trainer for dental anesthetics (watch presentation)

    MariaFrancisca Zabalaga-Haberman Norma Wagoner, PhD

    Twisted Development: Assessing the educational value of a 4D interactive embryonic gut tube model (watch video)

    StudentCapstone MentorCapstone Presentation Title

    Nathaniel Alzofon

    Lauren Fishbein, MD, PhD

    Rare Tumors in a Unique Patient Population: A pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma pilot study with a focus on head and neck paraganglioma

    Sara Beck-Pancer

    Roger Bannister, PhD

    Fiber-type transitions in skeletal muscle of the FUSR521C mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

    Christine Castillo

    Rony Marwan, MD

    Visualizing Twin Connections: Creation and Usability of a 3D Parent Education Toolkit for Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome

    Athena Clemens

    John Thompson, PhD

    Impact of Deep Brain Stimulation of the Subthalamic Nucleus on Neuropsychological Outcomes and Voxel-Based-Morphometric-Analyses in Parkinson’s Disease Patients

    Nathan Davis

    John Thompson, PhD

    Correlation between local field potential activity and myelin changes in the lenticular fasciculus and subthalamic nucleus using diffusion tensor imaging in Parkinson's disease patients

    Yannick Dzowo

    Thomas Finger, PhD

    Quantification and Characterization of Taste Cells in Mice Circumvallate Taste Buds

    Mckenzie Hackmaster

    Emily DeBoer, MD

    Comparing flexible bronchoscopy landmarks to computed tomography imaging in pediatric tracheomalacia patients: A step towards a more objective diagnosis

    Haylie Helms

    Jeffrey Jacot, PhD

    Generation of Cardiac Organoids using Cardiomyocytes, Endothelial Cells, Epicardial Cells, and Cardiac Fibroblasts derived from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

    Chorong Hong

    Maureen Stabio, PhD

    Anatomical Evidence for a Novel Circuit in Human Retina

    Natalie Hourigan

    Angela Falco, NP, MPH/MSPH, MS, RN

    iBooks Learning Resource Increase Patient and Caregiver Understanding at the Blood Infusion Center

    Ritesh Kashyap

    Caley Orr, PhD

    Sexual Dimorphism and the Scaling of Intrinsic Thumb Muscle Physiological Cross-Sectional Area and Trapeziometacarpal Joint Size

    Brian Kelly

    Janet Corral, PhD

    Efficacy of Virtual Reality Training for Physical Therapy Students

    Mark Malham

    Mark Erickson, MD

    Comparable CT segmented models used in preoperative surgical planning after minimizing the number of slices

    Daniel Marchetti

    Travis Turnbull, PhD

    Quantitative and Qualitative Orthopaedic Shoulder Anatomy: An iBook Review Tool

    Nadira Matin

    Todd Hankinson, MD

    Interactive 3D Module Improves Parent Understanding of Shunt Placement for Hydrocephalus

    Leandra Nikont

    Karen King, PhD

    Tackling the Most Prevalent Disease in the United States: Development and Assessment of an Educational Module to Emphasize the Similarities and Differences between Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Cassidy Plunkett

    Lisa Lee, PhD

    Embryos in Gross Anatomy Laboratory? The Educational Impact of 3D Printed Embryo Model Integration in Medical Basic Sciences Education

    Samantha Rosicke

    Brianne Bettcher, PhD

    Association of White Matter Integrity and Visuospatial Function in Clinically Normal Adults vs. Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment

    Natasha RousseauJanet Corral, PhD

    Investigating the Impact of the Voice-Activated Chatbot Application for Study Skills on Student Usability in Physical Therapy Anatomy Application

    Riley RuseJennifer Stevens-Lapsley, PT, PhD

    Reliability of an MR-based Knee Cartilage Semiautomatic Segmentation Protocol for Non-Clinicians

    Debra SzusterCaley Orr, PhDA novel approach to resolving the brachial index issue of A.L. 288-1 (“Lucy”) using 3D computer models of hominid forelimb bones
    Sydney TaylorYvette Nout-Lomas, DVM, PhDUndergraduate Education on Equine Cervical Vertebral Compressive Myelopathy
    Peter ThomsenJennifer Stevens-Lapsley, PT, PhDAssessing Post-Rehabilitation Quadriceps Strength and Movement Quality During a Step Down Task after Total Knee Arthroplasty
    Meredith WareJill Kaar, PhDPancreatic fat is not related to PCOS status in obese adolescents but is related to prolonged hyperinsulinemia

    StudentCapstone MentorCapstone Presentation Title

    Rossana Blanco Prado

    John Thompson, PhD

    Use of Systematic Stimulation Mapping and Functional/Structural Imaging to Improve Localization of Seizure onset in Patients with Drug-Resistant Epilepsy. View Poster

    Cory Buenting

    Lisa Lee, PhD

    One Does Not Simply Integrate: Assessing Integrated vs. "Silo-ed" Anatomical Sciences Presentation in Online Learning Module. View Poster

    Andrew Cale

    Danielle Royer, PhD

    Gross Anatomy Review Course for Anesthesiology Residents on the Acute Pain Service: How Basic Science Training Can Improve Knowledge and Confidence. 

    Dane Donegan

    Cristin Welle, PhD

    Neuromodulation of Motor Learning and Performance Mediated by Optogenetic Stimulation of the Basal Forebrain.

    Angelique Duenas

    John Thompson, PhD

    Assessing 3D Learning Resource Preference and Performance in Embryology Education. View Poster

    Elizabeth Eichinger

    Enrique Alvarez, MD

    What's the Matter?: A Longitudinal Look at Multiple Sclerosis-Related Total Brain vs Structure Atrophy and Cognitive Performance.

    Nicholas Evans

    Thomas Greany, DDS

    Bridging the Gap: Integrating a Virtual, 3D Model with Finite Element Analysis to Examine Fixed Dental Prosthesis Materials Under Combined Loading. View Poster

    Jake Feiler

    Benjamin Mullin, PhD

    An fMRI Study Examining Inhibition and Threat Vigilance Among Adolescents with Severe Worry. View Poster

    Shilpi Ganguly

    Luis Zea, PhD

    Characterization of P. Aeruginosa Growth Patterns Under Varying Gravitational Regimes. View Poster

    Daniel Heck

    Abigail Person, PhD

    The Organization of Synaptically Convergent Purkinje Cells to Distinct Postsynaptic Cell Types in the Mouse Cerebellum.

    Sam Hunt

    John Thompson, PhD

    The Disruption of Myelin in the Auditory Brainstem Response.

    Hannah Koury 

    Janet Corral, PhD

    I Have a Tear Down There?": Implementing a Three-Dimensional Anatomical Education Resource into Post-Partum Perineal Laceration Care. View Poster

    Chase Lewis

    Thomas Greany, DDS

    Objective Assessment of Dental Anatomy Using Surface Scanning Technology and 3D Image Analysis. View Poster

    Guttu Maskalo

    Victoria Pelak, MD

    The Relationship Between Radial Optic Flow Perception and Neurodegeneration in Parkinson's Disease: A Volumetric MRI Analysis. View Poster

    Mayu Oya

    Nidia Quillinan, PhD

    Analysis of Dendritic Spine Density in Hippocampus Following Cardiac Arrest. View Poster

    Ian Stewart

    Lisa Lee, PhD

    Development and Incorporation of Virtual Pathology Slides with Instructor Simulation Tools in Pathology Residency Training and Histology Education.

    Daniel Uy

    John Thompson, PhD

    Inter-hemispheric Analysis of Compensatory Neural Activity and Volumetric Changes in Deep Brain Stimulation Patients.

    Carissa Vinovskis

    Lauren Fishbein, MD, PhD

    Prevalence of Adrenal Incidentalomas and Assessment of Practitioner Follow Up Per Guidelines. View Poster

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