As a third year medical student in a condensed 3-year program where anatomy is offered very little curriculum time, I cannot express how grateful I am for the foundation MHA provided me. I felt very confident heading into the anatomy courses during my pre-clerkship, was able to help out my classmates in the lab and with lecture content, and made me feel stronger on the wards especially on surgical rotations. Additionally, I believe having this foundational knowledge allowed me to grasp clinical concepts more easily. This program also enhanced my self-directed learning skills - I learned how to learn! This has served me extremely well in medical school. Finally, the mentorship and support I received throughout was second to none. I cannot thank this program and all the amazing faculty and staff enough!

Hannah Koury, MHA Class of 2018
Medical Student | University of Calgary

Hannah Koury, Medical Student
Human Gross Anatomy Lab
Neuropathology Lab
The MHA curriculum consists of 43 credits that can be completed in under 2-years.  While most students follow the cohort model and take the same grouping of classes together in the first year of the program, the curriculum provides flexibility for those wishing to take fewer classes in a semester or who enroll on a part-time basis.  Faculty advisors and support staff work with students to create individualized pathways for those who seeking a flexible route toward graduation.

Courses for Students Matriculating Fall 2023

Core Course Descriptions


Students are required to take 9 credits of electives. Pre-approved electives are grouped by 3 main career goals: Health professions, Teaching, and Research. These categories are suggestions to help students consider options and guide discussion with academic advisors. Electives may be selected from any category. Electives which are not pre-approved will be considered.

Important Notes about Electives

  • Students may count a maximum of 6 credits of Teaching Practicum and Independent Study toward electives.
  • ANAT 6910 may be taken for a maximum of 3 credits (1 required credit and 2 elective credits).
  • Undergraduate credits are only permitted for 4000-level courses, and may be taken for a maximum of 3 credits.
  • Courses must be graduate level when possible.

Master of Science in Modern Human Anatomy

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