Learning Objectives

The Master of Science in Modern Human Anatomy program trains graduate students to be capable and skilled scholars who are successfully able to:

1)  Demonstrate a broad knowledge of human anatomy

  • Develop an in-depth and thorough understanding of human anatomy at the macroscopic level, including systems-based and regional anatomy.
  • Develop an understanding of neural systems organization, cellular neurobiology, and topographic and vascular anatomy of the spinal cord, brain, and cerebrum. 
  • Develop a microscopic-level comprehension of human tissue, including the structure, function, and organization of cells and tissues. 
  • Evaluate and assess the developmental process of human embryonic and fetal periods, analyze congenital abnormalities, and integrate embryology to adult human gross anatomy.

2)  Understand and apply multiple imaging and modeling modalities

  • Synthesize image characteristics, informatics, acquisition, processing, and analysis with an emphasis on 3D and dynamic data. 
  • Create and implement 3D anatomical models.

 3)  Teach anatomical sciences at a professional level

  • Develop content-based instructional and pedagogical skills, understand frameworks for making curricular decisions, implement active learning techniques and investigate the impact of teaching for diversity in health science programs. 
  • Apply pedagogical theories to practice in a professional program.

4)  Complete a novel work or project that contributes to field of anatomical sciences

  • Select a project or pursue an area of research that includes the investigation of one or more sub-disciplines in anatomical sciences, including areas such as:  anatomical education, educational technology, clinical applications, and imaging and modeling. 
  • Demonstrate scientific literacy by critically evaluating your work in the context of published literature.
  • Develop aims and establish a methodology for achieving the desired outcomes.
  • Present the project publicly.
  • Submit a final paper, outlining the project aims, methodology, and outcomes.

5)  Develop an emphasis area within anatomy, anatomy education, and/or imaging and modeling

Master of Science in Modern Human Anatomy

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