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Your care begins before you even get to the MIBH. When you have had a TBI, we understand that this is not your first stop for care. We will help you track down those medical records, letting us know about your journey so far. We want to know what worked and what didn't work. We need to understand where you’ve been as we move toward the future, and this helps us know if our program is a good fit for you.​

Your first day at the MIBH, you begin by telling your story to your core care team just one time. There are few things more frustrating in healthcare than telling your story over and over again. Then the team plans the assessment together, individualized for you.

Some people need specific workups on sleep while others will need hearing tests. Your evaluation is tailored for you. We will comprehensively evaluate your brain and your body, but we will not give you extra tests “just because.” We respect you too much as a person to do that.

The evaluation isn’t the end; it’s the beginning. The team regroups, creating a cohesive and customized treatment plan just for you. This treatment plan is essential because it informs our collaborative team about the goals, type of services, and progress that are specifically designed for you.


We don’t have a "one-size-fits-all" model of intervention because each person is unique, and as an individual, your needs are specific to you.  At the MIBH, there are two models of therapy that fit most people’s needs. For some, we recommend an intensive outpatient program, where for several weeks your job is to focus on healing. For others, a more traditional outpatient model is a better fit for your care needs. Either way, our philosophy is the same. We care for the body, mind, and spirit using an integrated team focused on you. 

While each care plan is different, we thought you might want to know some of the specific therapies we use here at the MIBH.

Transitional Care

As a military Veteran or retired professional athlete, you know a lot about transition. Your jobs required that you could shift when the circumstances required it. Today, you have had a life shift. Whether a retired athlete or Veteran, your place in the word is different than it used to be. 

One of our jobs at the MIBH is to prepare you to leave our care and make sure that your progress continues back in your daily life. No one wants to be a patient forever. Transitional care planning starts Day 1 at the MIBH, not the day before discharge. 

We have a dedicated staff, like Spencer Milo, specifically for continued support for military Veterans including transitions for jobs, housing, and ongoing health care support.  

Similarly, for all others, our care team will be in contact with your personal doctor and other local resources to help you continue with your own health and wellness.

Advanced Imaging

The MIBH is located at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, and this location provides access to advanced diagnostic techniques. This may include overnight sleep studies, actigraphy monitoring (sleep), magnetoencephalography (MEG), as well as structural imaging like CT and MRI, depending on your set of needs. 

Plans are underway to include the most advanced brain imaging available in the Rocky Mountain region. This cutting-edge tool, which can be used by clinical care and research communities, has dedicated uses specifically for patients at the MIBH.​


Support Our Mission

There are many ways to get involved to support the MIBH. Whether you can provide time, gear, a helping hand or financial support, we can find a place for you. 

Donations of all kinds allow us to continue the work, supporting those who could not otherwise pay for care.