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military_PatientsMilitary Veterans

As a military Veteran, you have unique life experiences that only those who have served can understand and appreciate. We have a team of experts to help with the changes in your life that come with TBIs, PTS, depression, and anxiety.

At the MIBH, we understand that brain injuries also occur outside of combat – and we are here to help as well. You served our country, and now it is our turn to serve you.


Retired Athletes

As an athlete, you demanded the best from your body and your mind. You played at a level most people only dream about. And as you know, that level of commitment can have all kinds of after effects. 

The research world is just beginning to understand how repeated blows to the head impact thinking and emotional health. For some, this is already a reality. At the MIBH, we are ready to join your team for the long haul, bringing the latest in brain imaging technology and the newest science into the sports arena.​


soccer_PatientsGeneral Public

It’s not just military Veterans and former athletes who have complex, lingering problems when the brain suffers trauma. Car accidents, falls, and other injuries can be very difficult to recover from and change how you interact with the world. 

In special cases, the MIBH is the right place for your care as well. We can coordinate comprehensive evaluations to share with your own providers or have you join our care team for healthcare services here. 

Please contact us to see how the MIBH may fit into your plan of care.​

Support Our Mission

There are many ways to get involved to support the MIBH. Whether you can provide time, gear, a helping hand or financial support, we can find a place for you. 

Donations of all kinds allow us to continue the work, supporting those who could not otherwise pay for care.  

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