Meredith Buschart, MSW, LCSW

Behavioral Health Clinician


Meredith earned her BA in Behavioral Science from Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta and her Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Denver. Meredith’s professional background includes four years working in various capacities with a local domestic violence agency and 2 years working in an inpatient psychiatric hospital. Meredith spent the last three years serving as a Clinical Social Worker and Therapist at UCHealth's CeDAR program which provides substance use treatment for individuals seeking recovery. Prior to receiving her MSW, she worked in homeless services in Calgary, Denver, and Baltimore. Meredith’s extensive background in trauma, addiction, and mental health has allowed her to recognize the interconnectedness of these three areas. With a deep commitment to empowering her clients, Meredith understands that the best clinical treatment is individualized and addresses the various physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social aspects of an individual’s personal journey towards healing and wellness. She is a strong advocate for trauma-informed care and utilizes a variety of treatment modalities based on the needs of an individual and their support system including cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, EMDR, and exploring the mind-body connection. Meredith believes that a hopeful future rooted in recovery, health, and self-empowerment is possible for everyone! In her free time, Meredith enjoys cooking, live theater, and spending time in her happy place (Red Rocks).

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Marcus Institute for Brain Health

CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center

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Aurora, CO 80045

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