To support the research mission, the University of Colorado School of Medicine on the Anschutz Medical Campus has partnered with Research Computing at the University of Colorado at Boulder to provide a new service for storing research data.  This service is called the PetaLibrary - an enterprise storage offering for archiving research data that is infrequently accessed.  The Petalibrary can also be used to share large data sets with colleagues at other institutions and for transferring data that will be used for analysis on the Summit high performance cluster offered by Research Computing in Boulder.

Example Uses

  • Archiving research data from projects that have been completed but must be saved for regulatory purposes.
  • Archiving research data on storage devices attached to scientific equipment such as genomic sequencers and microscopy images devices.
  • Collaboration and sharing data with colleagues at other institutions
  • Transferring data to Boulder to utilize the Summit high performance computing cluster

An overview and user guide is provided here.  Additional detailed information including costs for the Petalibrary are available here.

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