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The School of Medicine has an in-house, full-time team of highly skilled application developers and database administrators who can build custom software and data solutions for you. We work in small teams focused on delivering solutions to help solve your technology challenges. We leverage numerous technologies to provide customized, integrated, and robust solutions to digitally transform your research and medical education.

Our Strengths

  • Partnering with researchers and educators to structure and explore data
  • Building custom web solutions
  • Providing business intelligence solutions to decision-makers across the school
  • Enabling faculty to map curriculum connections across their education program
  • Providing secure access to source data across the organization
  • Delivering data to the right users at the right time

Our Work


COVIDome Data Project



The Human Trisome Data Project



Administrative Analysis Environment (A2E)

A curated dataset of CU Financials, CU Medicine AX, and CU Foundation


School of Medicine PRiSM Annual Review Process

Because PRiSM contains sensitive personal performance information, we’ve created a PRiSM Demo site that mirrors the real PRiSM system but contains no real performance review data. This PRiSM Demo site is great for faculty and administrators to get an understanding of what is in PRiSM and the overall flow. It highlights the user flow, the questions we ask our faculty, what managers or reviewers see when evaluating faculty in the system, and the faculty dashboard.



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