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Average number of desktop tickets closed a month


Number of departments, divisions, and centers supported.


School of Medicine Information Services provides desktop support services to contracted departments, divisions, and centers. Our large team of skilled IT professionals is broken down into two smaller teams, enabling us to provide timely support to our customers. Each of our customers is assigned to one of the two teams and receives at least five IT Professionals to support their users.

Our desktop support service includes acquisition and management of all departmental computers, basic computer troubleshooting, printer troubleshooting and management, account support, email support, and much more.


  • Eliminate the cost and time required to hire a desktop support resource for your department
  • Improve business continuity with our cross-trained IT resources
  • Increase IT support retention by providing more career paths and flexibility at work
  • Improve IT security and project management by leveraging standardized processes, methodologies, and standards
  • Replicate the success of existing School of Medicine IT offerings
  • Provide central leadership of desktop support resources

Desktop Services

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