Janet Lee, Visiting Undergraduate

Cancer Research Fellowship Program, Summer 2019

Picture of Shelby Bearrows

Picture of Lorraine Davis

Lab Outing Day 2018

New Belgium Brewery Tour, Fort Collins

Mike VanWyngarden, BS

Professional Research Assistant Emeritus

Mike left the lab in December 2018 after working with us for 2 ½ years. During this time, he focused on the development of ex vivo drug sensitivity profiling assay on primary samples which we continue to optimize to measure clinical drug resistance and guide development of new agents for myeloma. This work in currently under review for publication. Mike also conducted multiple in vivo mouse model experiments, including implementation of a technically challenging myeloma patient-derived xenograft model. In addition, Mike generated the firefly luciferase myeloma cell lines that we continue to use in xenograft experiments testing out new drug approaches to this disease. Mike has now joined the Hematology Clinical Trials Unit at our cancer center as a Clinical Research Coordinator towards his ultimate goal of a career in patient care.


Picture of Beau Adler

Picture of Zach Walker

Poster Presentation

American Society of Hematology Annual meeting, San Diego, 2018


Christophe Langouë-Astrie, MS

Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology Program

Christophe left the lab in May 2017 after completing his master degree program. During his time in our group, he created out initial bioinformatics pipeline for incorporation of publicly available data sets to validate and extend our bench work. In doing so, we helped with a collaborative project with Genentech to analyze the potential of targeting the unfolded protein response (UPR) in myeloma treatment. After completing his master’s degree, Christophe went on to join the Pharmacology PhD program at CU Anschutz.


Picture of Christophe

Picture of Zach Walker

Lab Outing Day 2017

Mount Bierstadt Summit, 14,065 feet

Andres Arriaga

Visiting High School Student through Denver STaRS Internship Program, Fall 2017

Andres with poster

Red Rocks

Lab Outing Day 2016

Matthews/Winters Trail at Red Rocks